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Colbert Interviews 'Piers Morgan Abuser' Janet Mock

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janet-mock-stephen-colbert.pngLast night on the Colbert Report, host Stephen Colbert interviewed author, trans advocate, and "Piers Morgan abuser" Janet Mock to discuss the now-famous interview and talk about her new book, Redefining Realness.

In typical Colbert fashion, the comedian began the segment by pretending to be as insensitive, tone-deaf, and haughty as possible:

"You know, folks... before the commercial break we were discussing, shall we say, the bathing suit region. I don't want to get to graphic here -- 'cause you see, as a broadcaster, when it comes to transgender issues, I don't know what I should say to these people."

Colbert then welcomed Mock, who he said was visiting the show to "say what I should say to these people."

After the crowd applauded wildly, Colbert reached underneath his desk, brought out a big red button, and told Mock to hit it whenever he misstepped. Of course, he then had Mock demonstrate by hitting the button for the audience. When she did, it played a recording of Mock saying what she said to Morgan on Twitter: "Get it the f*ck together!"

In the interview that followed, Mock and Colbert also discussed the importance of allowing people to self-identify, Facebook's new gender options, and the most boring aspect of being transgender.

Watch Janet Mock and Stephen Colbert after the jump. You'll love it -- I was guffawing at my desk. And in case you're wondering, Janet didn't hit the "Get it the f*ck together!" button once.

Take note, Piers Morgan.

First, here is Colbert's introductory segment about transgender awareness:

The Colbert Report
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And here's Colbert interviewing Janet Mock:

The Colbert Report
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UPDATE: Speaking of Piers Morgan, he's clearly still smarting over the backlash from his interview with Mock, because he did not appreciate last night's segment. Morgan tweeted this morning:

For her part, Mock seems pleased with the interview:

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