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LZ Granderson Destroys Ken Cuccinelli on Arizona

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crossfire-granderson-cooch.jpgHere's your must-watch TV clip of the morning.

Last night on Crossfire, openly gay CNN columnist and sportswriter LZ Granderson positively obliterated Ken "The Cooch" Cuccinelli, the former Virginia Republican attorney general and gubernatorial candidate.

The subject was the rash of proposed "right to discriminate" laws that have been cropping up in states across the country, most famously in Arizona. Under the guise of protecting "religious freedom," these measures would create a special right for anti-LGBT individuals and businesses to refuse to serve LGBT people as long as they claim their religion tells them to.

Host Van Jones asked Cuccinelli, a notoriously outspoken proponent of sodomy laws, what the difference is "between [a business owner] putting up a sign that says 'no gays allowed' versus 'no blacks allowed'." The Cooch smarmily rejected the comparison, and Granderson pounced.

"What are you talking about?", he asked. As the Cooch tried repeatedly to cut him off, Granderson admonished him and others for "wrapping [their] homophobia in the Bible and trying to find Scripture to jutify [their] homophobia."

"Just because you're uncomfortable with something does not mean it is against your religious faith," Granderson said.

Then Cuccinelli tried to get Granderson to say that he (the Cooch) isn't a homophobe. LZ's response? Yes, Kenny, you are.

Watch, after the jump.

Damn right, LZ: hatred cloaked in the mantle of religion is still hate. As the bumper sticker on my car used to say, your prejudice is your own. Don't blame it on God.

Side note: as we reported earlier today on Bilerico, Crossfire also polled its viewers about Arizona's proposed LGBT segregation law. An overwhelming 88% said that if they were governor, they'd veto it.

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