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NOM to Indiana: Put Marriage on the Ballot Or We'll Sue

Filed By John M. Becker | February 19, 2014 12:00 PM | comments

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temper_tantrum.jpgWhen it comes to HJR-3, a proposed constitutional marriage inequality amendment in Indiana, Hoosiers are sick of it and lawmakers clearly don't want to deal with it anymore. But an outside group, the National Organization for Marriage Discrimination, is now hinting that it may try and sue to force the measure onto the ballot in November.

Indianapolis's RTV6 reports:

The measure came to a halt on Monday, when the Senate did not return the bill its original status, in which it would impact civil unions.

The National Organization for Marriage tells RTV6 that they met with the House Speaker Brian Bosma on Friday.

"We are building a coalition of the willing and looking for legislators who are willing to join in this task," said Chris Plante, regional director of NOM.

"We understand it will be heavy lifting, but if we all work together, we believe we have the law on our side. And we believe HJR-3 should go to the people in November 2014 as was promised by legislature on multiple occasions," said Plante.

See how that works? In NOM-World, whether it's ballot measures, legislative votes, or judicial decisions, it's only "the will of the people" when it goes their way. Convenient, isn't it?

Hey NOM -- stop trying to make HJR-3 happen. It's not going to happen!

UPDATE: GLAAD consultant Jeremy Hooper reminds us of Christopher Plante's long history of rabidly hateful rhetoric (gay parents are no better than dead parents, gays don't deserve rights because they can change, etc.). This man isn't "pro-marriage," he's just flat-out anti-gay.

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