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Russian TV Anchor Implies That Iwo Jima Memorial Depicts Gay Sex

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iwo-jima-memorial.jpgDmitry Kiselev (also spelled Kiselyov), the virulently anti-gay Russian TV news personality who said last year that gays are "unsuitable for the continuation of life," is beating the drums of homophobia again, insinuating on a recent newscast that the U.S.'s Iwo Jima Memorial resembles a big gay orgy.

It all started last month when a tongue-in-cheek CNN article about architecturally unfortunate monuments was taken very much the wrong way. The UK's Daily Mail reports:

CNN caused a firestorm when it included a war monument in Brest, a city in the former Soviet republic of Belarus, in an article on the 'world's ugliest monuments' published last month. The piece said the Soviet soldier 'emerging from a mountainous block of concrete looks as if he's about to thump the West into submission before hurling North America at the sun.' It also noted that others think the soldier 'simply looks constipated.'

The piece provoked outrage in Russia and Belarus, as the U.S.S.R.'s role in World War II is a major point of national pride. CNN edited the story, apologized, and later removed it entirely.

But that apparently wasn't enough. In his show on Sunday night -- the same day that Russia won its first gold medal in the Sochi Winter Olympics -- Kiselev turned up the national pride by flashing a photo of the Brest war monument on the screen; he then told viewers that "Americans" had ridiculed the Soviet soldier featured in the memorial.

[Kiselev] then showed a picture of the Marine Corps War Memorial sculpture shot from behind, so that the U.S. Marines raising the flag during the Battle of Iwo Jima were bent over one another.

'It's easy to mock,' Kiselyov said with his trademark smirk. 'A fevered subconscious could ascribe just about anything to it. Take a closer look: A very modern theme, is it not?'

Sorry, Dmitry, but since we're not a country of ten-year-olds, that little playground insult is going to roll right off our backs. Nice try, though.

A photo of the Brest war monument is after the jump.


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