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Sexy & Silly on Stage With Lucky Charming [PTAS]

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In the years I've been involved in the alternative sexuality and queer communities, I've had an opportunity to see and photograph quite a number of burlesque/boylesque performances and performers.

Some have been spectacular, others wretched, and the majority have been utterly forgettable. But regardless of the routine, I've admired every performer I've been privileged to see.

Particularly in our ever more virtual world, one needs an abundance of courage to perform for an audience. Beyond courage though, the best performers I know possess a unique combination of confidence, dedication, and a lack of concern for their own dignity.

Today's photo is an excellent case in point.

The gentleman pictured here in silver lamé and a unicorn horn is NYC boylesque performer Lucky Charming. He was doing this "sexy unicorn" routine as part of Amuse Bouche Burlesque, a show he co-produced with Bambi Galore that was themed specifically around humor and fun.

I don't want you to think that I'm picking on Lucky by using his photo in particular. All the performers in the show, and it's dark companion the Trigger Happy Cabaret, had moments when they made funny faces or otherwise looked quite ridiculous. Unlike the majority of his colleagues though, with Lucky I happened to catch some photos that captured a sense of silliness while also being safe for work.

After all, burlesque/boylesque performers often have fabulous costumes but not much in the way of clothes. This goes double for shows being done at a sex & kink event.

Perhaps because I've got no choice but to draw attention to myself because of the Tourette, but I'm an extremely reserved person by nature. I've got my own "stage persona" from my education work, but while I'm frequently funny, I'm rarely unfettered or silly in my mannerism. I'd love to be someone who could do drag, boylesque, or stand up, but I just can't let go in the way I'd need to to do a performance like the ones featured at Amuse Bouche Burlesque.

The awareness of my own limitations in that area only makes me appreciate the performers who can explore and display the art for the rest of us.

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