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Backup Redskins QB on Gays: 'Nobody's Perfect'

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kirk-cousins.pngKirk Cousins, a devout evangelical Christian and a backup quarterback for the Washington Redskins, told students at a Grand Rapids, Michigan Christian high school on Friday that he'd be fine with a gay teammate into the locker room.

Cousins explained that he'd treat a gay football player exactly the same way he treats all sinners: by welcoming him and trying to lead him away from sin and towards Jesus.


M Live reports:

Cousins... was asked his thoughts about gays in professional sports during a question and answer session.

"So from a football standpoint, if the guy can help us win, come help us win," Cousins said. "Now, there are a lot of teammates in my locker room right now who may not have a homosexual lifestyle, but they have sins, too. They're not perfect. So I don't say they can't help us win. Nobody's perfect."

Cousins, who starred at Michigan State after graduating from Holland Christian, goes on the say: "To that degree, we'd welcome him into our locker room and say come help us win, and hopefully I can love him like Jesus and hopefully show him what it means to follow Jesus."

Watch, after the jump.

Needless to say, Cousins' comments betray a shocking amount of ignorance about LGBT people.

First of all, unlike religion, homosexuality is not a chosen "lifestyle" (or an imperfection or sin, for that matter) -- it's an orientation every bit as intrinsic to a person's humanity as their eye color, skin color, etc. Homosexuality isn't something that needs to be -- or even can be -- fixed. And finally, there are many people who are both LGBT and Christian, and many Christian denominations that have chosen to follow Christ's example by welcoming, loving, and embracing LGBT people exactly as they are, for who they are and who they love.

Here's hoping Cousins keeps his self-righteous proselytizing out of the locker room.

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