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Colbert: Send Proof of Gayness to Rep. Steve King

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colbert-steve-king.pngStill smarting from last week's "religious liberty curb-stomp" by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, who vetoed a "right to discriminate" bill in her state, late-night comic Stephen Colbert took to the airwaves last night to express support for Iowa Tea Party Republican Congressman ("and volunteer the hypnotist forgot to wake up") Steve King.

King, you'll remember, said this week that he opposed civil rights for LGBT people because LGBT identity is based on "self-professed behavior[s]."

"We've seen it a million times," Colbert opined. "A guy pretends to be gay, pretends to hide it 'til he's 18, then he pretends to come out to his family, who pretend not to understand and pretend to shun him.

"He moves to the city; a few years later he meets another guy pretending to be gay, they pretend to fall in love, and he pretends to propose... and they get fake engaged."

King also said that homosexuality -- unlike, say, race or gender --can't be "independently verified" but can be "willfully changed." Naturally, Colbert had a field day with that one:

"So I think what Steve King is saying, gays, is he wants you to send photos and/or videos proving to Steve King that you are gay."

And then he posted Rep. King's House office address in Washington, D.C. Watch the hilarity, after the jump.

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