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Eat a Snickers So You'll Be a Sexist Pig?

Filed By Bil Browning | March 27, 2014 2:00 PM | comments

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Tags: cat calling, female empowerment, sexism in advertising, Snickers commercial

Snickers' long-running funny ad campaign for "You're not yourself when you're hungry" has been incredibly popular and featured several celebrity endorsements. The latest one, starring Australian construction workers, has many scratching their heads in confusion. The message is so skewed that the advertising executives must have skipped lunch when they came up with the idea.

This "real-life" commercial has the construction workers cat-calling women passing by on the street, but instead of sexist and demeaning slurs, the laborers shout empowering messages about equality. Because, you know, they're not themselves. Logic leads us to the conclusion that if they'd only eat a candy bar, they could return to calling the woman bitches and making sexual innuendos. Wouldn't the men (and nearby women) be better served if these guys stayed hungry?

Some of the "positive" remarks skirt the line of actual empowerment. Comments like "Hey darling, you have yourself a wonderful day" or "Hey, that color really works for you!" smack of condescending remarks like "You should smile more often" or "You'd be so much prettier if you lost weight." And many of the women seem downright frightened when the construction workers start yelling at them.

I don't know about you, but "I'd like to show you the respect that you deserve!" doesn't sound empowering when the underlying message is "Eat a Snickers so you'll stop treating women with civility."

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