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Franklin Graham: Gays Recruit & Exploit Kids

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franklin-graham.pngFranklin Graham, the son and heir of 95-year-old evangelist Billy Graham, is no stranger to bigoted, controversial statements. For example, the younger Graham once said that President Obama "may or may not be a son of Islam" and recently called the Obama administration "anti-Christ;" he also claimed that the Sandy Hook shootings were the result of America "turn[ing] its back on God."

Pretty repugnant, right? But yesterday in an interview with the Charlotte Observer, Graham sank into Anita Bryant territory, claiming that gays and lesbians "recruit" children "into [their] cause."

"Gays and lesbians cannot have children. Biologically, it's impossible," Graham says, snickering. "Right," the reporter replies, "but they adopt." Graham corrects him: "Yeah, they can recruit."

The reporter presses for clarification and Graham, perhaps realizing that he'd just slipped up and inadvertently revealed his true animosity toward homosexuality, stammers:

"Well, I think you can adopt a child into a marriage, but you can also recruit children into your cause. And so I believe in protecting children from exploitation, all exploitations. So that's all that is about."

He then reiterates his defense of Russian president/dictator Vladimir Putin's draconian ban on so-called "gay propaganda" and claims that President Obama and Congress are in thrall to the Super Secret Gay Agenda.

And Graham has the audacity to state that he -- not the LGBT people who are smeared, slandered, and scapegoated by his jaw-droppingly bigoted and outdated claims -- is being victimized and "persecuted."

"As far as persecution, I'm attacked all the time, because of my religious beliefs, what I believe and what I say. And there are people who are very quick to demonize you if you disagree with them. The left, the gay lesbian movement. If I disagree with a gay person, then I'm a homophobic [sic]. I'm intolerant. It's not that I'm a homophobe, I'm not afraid of 'em. I'm not intolerant, I just have a different opinion, a different view."

Holy privilege tantrums, Batman! Graham goes on to assert that he "believe[s] the Bible from cover to cover... the Old Testament as well as the New Testament." That's about as close to a call for the state-sanctioned murder of gays as one gets, short of explicitly saying "fags deserve death."

This interview has to be seen to be believed. Watch, after the jump.

I can see the comments now. "Franklin is nothing like his father." "Billy Graham would be ashamed!" While the younger Graham is undoubtedly nuttier than his father, comments like these amount to a whitewashing of the elder Graham's bigotry.

Remember, in 2012 Billy Graham took out full-page ads in 14 North Carolina newspapers urging voters to approve a constitutional marriage discrimination amendment and decrying the rapid spread of marriage equality as evidence of the "moral decline of our country." For one of Billy's final public gestures, he chose an act of malice, divisiveness, and discrimination.

As Franklin Graham himself says, he isn't dishonoring his father's legacy -- he's following his example.

h/t: The New Civil Rights Movement

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