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New Polls Confirm Growing Support For Marriage Equality

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wedding_rings.jpgTwo polls released last week confirmed yet again that a majority of Americans support marriage equality.

The first, from the nonpartisan Public Religion Research Institute, found support for the freedom to marry at 53%.

From the report's executive summary:

Support for same-sex marriage jumped 21 percentage points from 2003, when Massachusetts became the first state to legalize same-sex marriage, to 2013. Currently, a majority (53%) of Americans favor allowing gay and lesbian couples to legally marry, compared to 41% who oppose. In 2003, less than one-third (32%) of Americans supported allowing gay and lesbian people to legally marry, compared to nearly 6-in-10 (59%) who opposed.

Today, roughly equal numbers of Americans say they strongly favor (22%) legalizing same-sex marriage as say they strongly oppose it (20%). By contrast, a decade earlier strong opponents (35%) outnumbered strong supporters (9%) by roughly a 4-to-1 ratio. Today, majorities of Americans in the Northeast (60%), West (58%), and Midwest (51%) favor allowing gay and lesbians to legally marry, while Southerners are evenly divided (48% favor, 48% oppose).

The summary further breaks down the data by political party, religious affiliation, and age group.

The other poll, conducted the New York Times and CBS News, was released on February 26 as part of a broader survey of voter attitudes. It asked three questions on marriage equality: whether it should be legal for same-sex couples to marry (56% yes, 39% no), whether the federal government or individual states should decide the issue (33% federal government, 64% states), and whether respondents would vote for a candidate who doesn't share their views on marriage equality (42% yes, 53% no).

This is what winning looks like, folks.

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