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Stained Majesty [Picture Tells A Story]

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As I mentioned in my last two Picture Tells A Story segments, a few weeks ago I was in Washington DC for a huge sex and kink conference put on by the company I work for. Seeing as how I was going to be spending much of my weekend photographing people engaged in all sorts of wild and wacky perversions, I figured it only made sense to visit the den of the sickest, most twisted fuckers in all the land.

So of course I dropped by the United States Congress to snap some photos.

You don't need me to recount Congress' latest perversions, such as voting to repeal the Affordable Care Act for the fiftieth time, or voting down a bill to expand benefits available to veterans. Even if those two cases weren't familiar to you, I highly doubt your opinion of the US congress is all that good. Gallup polling had Congress starting out 2014 with a whopping 13% approval rating.

Here's the something important to remember: photographers don't just record reality, we craft an image to carry meaning or emotion.

The US Capitol Building is actually a somewhat lovely bit of architecture, just as the American government is build on a foundation on worthy ideals. I wanted this photo to capture that, and contrast it with the seemingly lifeless trees and stark verdigris staining the white marble of the West Entrance.

Consider it my own little bit of visual commentary on the state of Congress today.

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