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Russian Anti-LGBT Lawmaker Calls for 'Morality Police'

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vitaly_milonov.jpgVitaly Milonov, the lawmaker who wrote St. Petersburg, Russia's infamous ban on public displays of so-called "gay propaganda" that inspired Putin's nationwide law, is calling for the creation of a "morality police" force that would fine people for homosexuality, gambling, and other violations of so-called "traditional values."

Agence France-Presse reports:

Milonov proposed that the morality police be made up of "spiritually whole people belonging to traditional faiths for Russia, without rotten liberal values".

Their role would include protecting children from gays, he said.

"Children must be shielded from debauchery, propaganda of sodomy, asocial lifestyles and sects," he said.

Milonov said he had made the proposal in a letter to Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev, suggesting that the morality police have powers including imposing fines and drawing up crime reports.

"Of course they should not replace the regular police, but they should have the right to issue fines and draw up crime reports according to local laws," he said.

Many are skeptical about the proposal's chances of passage, saying that the Putin government may be reluctant to involve itself once more in an LGBT-rights crackdown, given the international outcry that followed Russia's bans on so-called "gay propaganda" and gay adoption. But don't rule anything out -- if there's one thing we've learned in these months and years of watching Russia, it's that a policy that seems unthinkable one day might be adopted the next.

Stay tuned, folks.

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