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Dallas 'Family Values' Host Loves Male Strippers

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kushnir-fox-news.pngAmy Kushnir, the Dallas morning show host who flipped out and stormed off the set Tuesday after a pearl-clutching tirade about how kids should not have been allowed to see Michael Sam's gay kiss on television, ran to Fox News to whine about how she's being persecuted for her "traditional values."

On last night's episode of The Kelly File, Kushnir told guest host Shannon Bream -- an alumnus of Jerry Falwell's Liberty University -- that Sam's on-air kiss was a stunt orchestrated to promote ESPN's "left-wing agenda:"

"I didn't feel it was appropriate. It was actually over the top. ESPN used it as an opportunity to put out shocking video, when ESPN is a sports network that families watch. I mean, we've got children that play sports; they watch ESPN all the time. So it bothered me that they used this as an opportunity to promote their left-wing agenda, in my opinion."

Kushnir continued: "If you are trying to maintain traditional values and views in your home and if you share them, you're going to get lambasted because it goes against what's politically... correct."

Watch the Fox News puff piece interview, after the jump.

Nauseating, right? Of course, if Kushnir is actually receiving death threats and rape threats, that's reprehensible and inexcusable. Full stop. But all this "traditional values" nonsense is utterly hypocritical.

You may remember that in original segment from The Broadcast -- the one that started it all -- co-hosts Courtney Kerr and Lisa Pineiro called Kushnir out for applying a double standard to displays of affection between opposite-sex and same-sex couples, and insinuated that homophobia, rather than a genuine aversion to sexual images being broadcast to children, was at the root of her objection to Sam's kiss.

"Had [Michael Sam] been kissing his wife, would it have bothered you?" Pineiro asked Kushnir. When she claimed that it would indeed have bothered her and that she wants opposite-sex couples to also "get a room," Kerr pushed back: "So you don't want to see couples make out on Nicholas Sparks movies? You don't want to go to a romantic comedy and see people kiss?"

"Where are the cameras when that's happening?" Kushnir retorted. "Here's the thing: ESPN would not have aired any of it had [Sam] been kissing his wife."

Ah, there's the rub. In Kushnir's world, television stations never put flagrant, family-unfriendly displays of heterosexuality on the air; that's something they only do for the homos.

But Kushnir must have a very, very short memory, because just this past February, The Broadcast hosted a group of bare-chested male strippers in the studio. Not only did they appear on the show for an extensive sit-down interview with Kushnir (who giggled like a schoolgirl, bless her heart), but the self-professed Christian wife and mother climbed into their arms, threw her hands around their shoulders, and kissed them both on the cheeks. (And I'm willing to bet that neither stripper was her husband.)

So Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend on live TV was "over the top," but groping and drooling over a bunch of male strippers on a morning show is A-OK? Some "traditional values," eh? I wonder how many kids were watching Kushnir push her sexuality in their faces that day?

Watch Kushnir's "traditional values" in action, with assistance from the Chippendales:


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