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Mark Morford Slams Focus on the Family

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"How dare you. How f--king dare you try and appropriate the language and cultural position of those who've been repressed, silenced, beaten and killed for centuries, simply for wishing to openly embrace - and even marry - the person they love, when it's groups exactly like yours that have done the oppressing.

"How dare you suggest the fault for many of the world's ills lies with those millions of humans who refuse to obey your pseudo-traditional, one man/one woman, 'God's law' Christian family dictum, the same dictum that's proven a near-complete failure in your very own country. Have you no shame? Does your God?"

-- Mark Morford, columnist and cultural critic for the San Francisco Chronicle, slamming Focus on the Family president Jim Daly for claiming that fundamentalist, anti-gay Christians are victims because society is increasingly pushing their bigotry out of the public square. Morford also rips FoF for their new heterosupremacist, anti-equality "documentary," Irreplaceable.

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