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Trans* Women Assaulted on Atlanta Train, One Stripped

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Hate-Crimes-2.jpgIn this day and age, you would expect to hear about less discrimination against the LGBT community, but unfortunately, in the south, that's not the case. This case comes out of Atlanta, Georgia where two trans* women were assaulted on Atlanta's MARTA train and one was stripped.

You would think that's the worst part of it, but it's not. People stood by and cheered as the women were being harassed. Video of the assault made its way onto different websites from several onlookers and shows the two women being verbally harassed before being assaulted. One of the women is kicked by a man in the video. The passengers not only recorded the event with smart phones, but jeered when it occurred.

One of the women stripped nude by the men, has already left the Atlanta metropolitan area for Cleveland where she is staying with friends and family. Tyra Woods and Janell Crosby, the two women attacked, pointed out that there is a lack of protection in Atlanta for trans* people.

Crosby attempted to make a report of the incident to MARTA, but the officer who showed up seemed uninterested in her story.

"I told one cop who was following us to the gate. He acted like he didn't want to hear from us. He didn't write any statement or anything," Crosby recounted.

A local church, Restoration Inclusive Ministries, has scheduled a town hall to discuss the misogynistic and transphobic implications of the attack, releasing a statement that reads:

According to the victims, the attack occurred because the two assailants wanted to know whether or not they were "real" women. The two women were bullied, taunted, degraded and finally physically assaulted simply because of who they are.

The saddest, and perhaps the most disheartening, aspect of this attack is that onlookers stood idly by. Not one person called 911. Not one person intervened. On a packed train, there was no help provided while these two women fought to protect themselves."

See the video of the attack here. Warning: the video is very disturbing and NSFW.

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