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12 Easy Steps for Talking About a Shooting Rampage

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Number-Twelve.jpgMy friend Matthew Burstein is kind of a big deal in a genius-y sort of way. He's brilliant, has a really long crazy person-style beard, and his family rented our apartment before us. Obviously, there's a deep personal connection seeing as how I love crazy people, beards, and Rancho Bilerico. Their dog is really cute too.

Matt, who has a new blog full of stuff like this queer theory syllabus (did I mention he's a college philosophy professor?), has come up with this great 12 step guide for talking about a mass shooting after it happens.

You can thank him for making your life easier in the comments section.

Oh, more white people went on a shooting rampage? Let me just save us all time and run through the mass media discourse - that way we can all get back to doing nothing about this much more quickly:

1. It was the guns.
2. It was not the guns.
3. The shooters were mentally ill.
4. Mentally ill people are more likely to be victims of violence than perpetrators.
5. They were [insert group speaker feels comfortable blaming].
6. Not all [insert group from #5].
7. I blame the [news/fictional] media.
8. I watch the [news/fictional] media, and I don't go on [insert type of mass shooting].
9. This happened because society doesn't have enough [insert deity].
10. This is what happens when you have a society organized around [insert deity].
11. Oh, look, it is almost the 20th anniversary of O.J. Simpson's low speed chase in the Bronco.
12. Now sports.

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