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Brian Brown Hilariously Spins WI Stay as NOM Win

Filed By John M. Becker | June 16, 2014 5:00 PM | comments

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Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage Discrimination engages in a feat of head-spinning distortion in his latest email money beg, which NOM blasted out to supporters this afternoon. The message bears the subject line "Good News!," but when you open it, you quickly see that the "good news" they're referring to is nothing more than U.S. Judge Barbara Crabb's stay of her ruling striking down Wisconsin's marriage discrimination amendment:


Ummmmm, earth to Brian: Judge Crabb's temporary stay of her ruling did nothing to change the substance of that ruling, where she called the freedom to marry a "fundamental right" and a matter of "liberty and equality." Oh yeah, and Crabb found Wisconsin's marriage discrimination amendment unconstitutional. Only in NOM's completely delusional, utterly counterfactual world could such a disastrous decision (from their point of view) be spun as "good news," simply because Wisconsin LGBT families will have to wait a little longer before it takes effect.

Adding to the ridiculousness, Joe Jervis points out that just seven days ago, Brown was denouncing Judge Crabb -- the very same judge he now calls "wise" -- for what he called an "undemocratic attack" that "tramples on the will of the people." Is your head spinning yet?

Further down in the email, Brown hawks this week's anti-LGBT March for Marriage -- which NOM surrogates are having to lie to people about in order to get them to show up -- and then asks marriage equality opponents to "dig deep" so the march can be an "historic success."

We'll see how much spinning Brown has to do on that sound bite later this week.

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