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NOM Dramatically Inflates March Attendance Numbers

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As I wrote yesterday, the National Organization for Marriage Discrimination's much-hyped "March for Marriage" here in D.C. was a dismal (albeit hate-filled) failure. Only between 1,500 and 2,000 people actually bothered to show up, despite NOM and its surrogates begging and even outright lying to people in order to drive up turnout.

So what do you do in the face of such an epic fail? Why, you invent an alternate version of reality, of course! Blogger Joe Jervis caught NOM posting strategically cropped photos on Twitter to make the crowd appear much larger than it actually was. Brian Brown claimed that the crowd numbered "more than 10,000;" Christian media outlets dutifully parroted Brown's figure in their news reports this morning.

Thomas Peters, NOM's communications director, went even further: he triumphantly stated that 15,000 participated. "We have the last word," Peters exulted.

Actually, Thomas, you don't. The evidence is the last word, and the photographic evidence obtained by The Bilerico Project and other media outlets who attended yesterday's hate march tells a very, very different story.

Check out Bilerico's crowd shots after the jump, then decide for yourself: does this look like 10,000 people to you?

Here's what the crowd looked like at precisely 11:00, when the rally kicked off:

I was able to get right up to the front of the crowd with no trouble at all. I made my way to the barricades separating the attendees from speakers, turned around, and snapped this photo:


Just so you can see where I was standing, this is how close I was to the stage. No zoom. Fifteen feet, maybe twenty feet max. (And yes, that's hateful anti-LGBT Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone speaking.)


Then I went around to the back for a wider-angle crowd shot:

And a profile view, stage right:

Here's the crowd an hour into the rally. Brian Brown promised several times that several more busloads were on their way, but they don't appear to have materialized.

And this is what things looked like at the very end. Enthusiasm in the crowd was apparently so low that a significant number left before the rally had even concluded and skipped the march altogether.

This doesn't look like 10,000 people to me, but perhaps I'm missing something. What do you think?

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