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SF Archbishop Rejects Calls to Skip NOM Hate March

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cordileone.jpgSalvatore Cordileone, the notoriously homophobic Archbishop of San Francisco and the leader of the U.S. Catholic bishops' crusade against marriage equality, is rejecting calls from politicians, faith and civil rights leaders, and concerned citizens asking him to cancel his participation in NOM's ugly "March for Marriage" hatestravaganza, this week in D.C.

An open letter to Archbishop Cordileone released last week and signed by officials including California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, and the Episcopal Bishops of California and Wisconsin pointed to NOM's "long and well-documented history of publishing material that connects homosexuality with pedophilia and incest and falsely suggests that gays and lesbians are trying to 'inculcate children'" and noted that one of the event's co-sponsors, the Family Research Council, is an SPLC-certified anti-gay hate group.

The letter further states that the event's agenda and NOM's actions contradict both the Catechism of the Catholic Church -- which calls for lesbian and gay people to "be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity" -- and the words of Pope Francis, who has adopted a softer tone on LGBT issues than his predecessors. And it points out that Cordileone will share the stage with an ugly cast of characters who've repeatedly spread ugly lies about LGBT people and compared marriage equality to slavery.

Last weekend U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, herself a Catholic and a San Franciscan, joined the chorus calling on Cordileone to cancel. And an online petition to the archbishop from the group Faithful America shattered its original goal of 15,000 signatures (29,000 and counting!).

But the stubborn Archbishop is doubling down, responding to his thousands of critics yesterday with a letter of his own. In it, he denies that NOM has linked homosexuality with pedophilia (even though it has, multiple times) and rejects calls to cancel his participation in the march. He also adopts a persecution complex, whining that supporters of marriage discrimination are being attacked and that he's being judged unfairly.

Check it out, after the jump.

Cordileone Letter Defending Participation in NOM Hate Rally

Talk about a tour de force of lies and distortions! (We're the real haters, y'all!) There are too many to refute individually, but those of you who'd like summaries of just how anti-gay NOM's event is going to be can find them here, here, and here.

Archbishop Cordileone says NOM's march won't be an anti-LGBT hatefest, but the participants' long history of hateful rhetoric -- from NOM and FRC to Brian Brown and Mike Huckabee to Cordileone himself -- says otherwise. On Thursday, we'll find out who's right.

Bilerico will be attending the NOM rally. Watch this space (and our Facebook and Twitter pages) for updates.

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