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The Most Liberal & Conservative Cities in Every State

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Ever wonder what the most conservative or liberal city is in your state? Wonder no more...

Clarity Campaign Labs has created an interesting map that shows which towns are at either end of the political spectrum in each US state. According to Business Insider:

Clarity Campaign Labs used its national models and the Co-Op voter file from SmartVAN to make the tool. It analyzes users' political views based on seven identifiers and asks them whether they apply:

  • I identify with the Democrats more so than the Republicans.
  • Abortion should be legal and accessible to all women.
  • I attend religious services regularly.
  • Climate change is an immediate concern that must be addressed.
  • There should be more restrictions on purchasing and carrying guns.
  • The government should reduce the deficit primarily by raising taxes rather than cutting services.
  • I prefer urban areas.

According to Clarity, the questions about urban areas and church attendance were not included in the score used to indicate whether a community was liberal or conservative. Aside from those two questions, indicating agreement with any of the other queries was considered liberal.


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