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Burger King Introduces Pride-Themed Whopper

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burger-king-proud-whopper.jpgIn what may be a first for a fast food restaurant, Burger King celebrated LGBT Pride by introducing a Pride-themed sandwich. TIME magazine explains:

Behind the counter at a Burger King in the heart of San Francisco is a rainbow-colored menu board advertising a product that the fast-food behemoth has never sold before and isn't selling anywhere else: The Proud Whopper.

When customers visiting during Sunday's pride parade asked cashiers what made this Whopper different from a standard-issue burger, they simply said, "I don't know." The mystery was revealed once diners opened the rainbow-colored wrapper and got a taste: absolutely nothing is different about this burger, nothing at all. To emphasize the point, the interior of the wrapper comes with a second message: "We Are All the Same Inside."

The Proud Whopper will be on the menu at Burger King's downtown San Francisco location (1200 Market Street) until tomorrow.

Fernando Machado, Burger King's senior vice president of global branding, told TIME that the campaign hopes to call attention to the company's new "Be Your Way" slogan. "As a brand, we welcome everyone," he said. "We felt that [the Proud Whopper] could bring to life a message of equality, self-expression, authenticity and just being who you are."

The "Proud Whopper" campaign also includes a two-minute video that Burger King plans to release on YouTube today. (UPDATE: the video is here. Click to view.) The AP has more:

A rough cut of the two-minute video shows confused customers asking about the Proud Whopper, trying to figure out what makes it different, then later grasping what is happening.

"I think this wrapper means we all have the same rights," a young child explains. "A burger has never made me cry before," says a young woman.

Another young woman uses an expletive to explain that it's same stuff inside. The video also shows some negative reactions, including a man who says the chain will no longer have his business.

Indeed, there have been plenty of negative reactions to Burger King's decision to support equality: hateful right-wing trolls are flooding their Facebook page with anti-LGBT comments. If you have a minute, head on over and give BK some love instead -- let's show them that supporting LGBT civil rights is good for business!

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