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Judge Judy is Not Having Any Grindr Drama

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judge-judy-grindr-drama.jpgThe Honorable Judge Judy Sheindlin -- a no-nonsense icon of the airwaves and the highest-paid television personality in America -- got a crash course on 21st-century gay dating in yesterday's episode of Judge Judy.

The case involved 23-year-old defendant Aaron Murphy, who was being sued by 47-year-old plaintiff Christopher Starnes for allegedly refusing to pay back a loan Starnes made to help him pay bills. Murphy told Sheindlin that the two former "friends" had met on a "social website," and when the puzzled judge asked for more information, explained:

"Umm, it's actually called Grindr... it's an app, for your phone or your iPad; it's a social app that tells you where homosexual [sic] males are and their proximity to where you are."

As viewers in the gallery chuckled, added that after he and Starnes met on Grindr, they agreed to meet at Applebee's, and then at a friend's house afterwards. Judge Judy, as is her style, cut right through the bullshit and asked Murphy, "So what you're telling me, sir, is [that] you went on this website in order to find someone who had the same sexual predisposition you did, right?"

Murphy replied that he was actually on a gay hookup app just to make friends, and that's when Judge Judy called shenanigans, in the exact euphemistic terms you'd expect a 71-year-old grandmother to use.

"No, then you go on a website to make friends. You go with college friends... but you went on a particular website -- I mean, if I were looking to just make friends, I wouldn't go on a website that said, you know, it's just for little old Jewish ladies. I would try to expand my horizons a little bit, do you understand?

"So then you met Mr. Starnes, who is considerably older than you are. And so if what you said is you wanted to make 'friends', one would think that you wanted to make friends with a contemporary of yours, rather than somebody older... with money."

Sheindlin then turned to Starnes and added, "I say the same thing to you: if that's where you met, I assume you were looking for 'companionship.'"

Judge Judy ended up dismissing the case, reasoning that Starnes had given Murphy the money with no expectation of being repaid, but she clearly wasn't impressed with Murphy She reprimanded him, saying:

"You were just using [Starnes]. You see, you're the dishonest one. He wasn't being dishonest with you. He says 'Here I am, I'm an older man, I like younger men. You need some money, I'll... help you out.' You're the who was using him."

Murphy's actions, Sheindlin said, left her "gagging."

Watch video of the segment, after the jump.

UPDATE: The clips below have been removed. Thankfully, Gawker has them -- click here to view.

h/t: Gawker.

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