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Men: Are You Dressing Wrong?

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As a writer, I work from home and since I tend to be a casual guy, I'm often wearing a t-shirt and jeans. In fact, many of you have teased me that a t-shirt is my formal attire. I'll admit, I probably don't help that perception by throwing a blazer over my t-shirt when I have to do speak before a group.

Since we moved to DC though, I've had to upgrade my wardrobe. Jerame's job as an executive director has meant we have to attend more professional gatherings and events where my slouchy style isn't going to cut it. He's always been more fashionable than I am; these things interest him and he likes to look good and takes pride in his outfits. I could care less most of the time. Obviously, he's been my guide.

Since I've had to take a crash course in modern men's fashion do's and don'ts, I thought maybe some of you could also use a quick primer. I found this quick tutorial helpful even though I knew most of the rules, but there's still enough in there that I picked up some new tips.

Learn anything new? Have any more tips for those of us who are fashion-challenged? Let me know below. (No, seriously. I could use any help I can get!)

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