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Todd Starnes Calls for Civil Disobedience Over LGBT Rights

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"I think there's going to come a time when Christians may be forced to engage in acts of civil disobedience. Rick Warren, the pastor at Saddleback Church, told me that this issue -- religious liberty -- is going to be the civil rights issue of our generation.

"And when you think about that, aside from the shock value of that statement, how does that play out? What does that mean? Well, during the [African American] Civil Rights Movement there were acts of civil disobedience. People were marching in the streets for their rights. And I suspect that we're going to see that in our lifetime.

"The Robertsons [of Duck Dynasty infamy] are devout Christians, and they have very specific beliefs on marriage... and [equality advocates] tried to penalize them for that. I think people need to understand this, that there are people losing their jobs, they're losing their livelihoods, they're coming under attack because they hold Christian beliefs in this country. In my estimation, that's a form of persecution.

"And I think, again, if you can take someone like Phil Robertson and say, 'Phil Robertson is preaching hate,' or 'He's speaking hate,' eventually that is going to justify violence against those kinds of people."

-- Fox News pundit Todd Starnes, claiming in an interview last week that conservative Christians will soon rise up and take to the streets in acts of civil disobedience, to protest their alleged "persecution."

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