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WATCH: Mormon Mom Talks About Loving Her Trans Son

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allgoods-utah-trans.pngHere's something that will lift your spirits today.

Meet Grayson Moore and Neca Allgood. Grayson is a teenaged Mormon boy in Utah, and Neca is his mom. The Allgoods are a lot like many other Utah families, except for one key difference: Grayson is transgender.

Being LGBT in a conservative society like Utah isn't without its serious challenges; for example, LGBTs are not protected from discrimination under state law, meaning it's perfectly legal to deny employment and housing to people on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity. But on the home front, Grayson's greatest source of love and affirmation has been his mom, who actually realized he was trans before he did.

The Advocate reports:

Observing his "crippling" gender-based anxiety and frequent emotional "crashes," by the time her son was 16, Neca finally consulted with doctors and could come to only one conclusion: Grayson should be given the option of transition.

In the video below, she poignantly recalls how after they discussed her revelation, "I assumed [Grayson] would say 'I have a boy brain.' But he didn't. He said 'I have a boy's soul.' When he said that, it struck me so deeply. I knew that was his truth, and that we needed to make sure he could live as who he truly was."

Happily, Neca tells Equality Utah that Grayson received acceptance and affirmation from his school administrators, and that after his transition, those awful "crashes" stopped. Grayson's church community has welcomed him too, and he's still a-singin' in the choir.

Watch Neca and Grayson talk about their journey together, after the break.

Parents loving and affirming their trans kids -- now that's something to smile about.

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