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Girl Writes to Anti-Gay PM Asking for Marriage Equality

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Tony Abbott, the conservative prime minister of Australia, is well known for his anti-gay views, including his opposition to marriage equality. But Abbey, an eight-year-old girl with gay uncles, is hoping to change that.

Abbey's uncles, who coincidentally are starring on the upcoming SBS television show Living with the Enemy, married in New Zealand earlier this year. Of course, Abbey attended the wedding, but when she realized her uncles had to marry in another country because they couldn't do so in Australia, she decided that that was ridiculous, and that she'd air her grievances to the man in charge.

In a letter to Abbott, Abbey writes:

To Tony Abbott
my name is Abbey and I am 8 years old.
My unkls are gaye and we had to go to
New Zeland to have ther wedding it is going
To be on TV it's called Living with the Enemy they
wont to get marred in Astralea but thats eligle
I will write to you once a day for a week.
P.S. I wold like the law changed.


That was yesterday -- and today, keeping true to her promise, Abbey has penned another letter. Check it out, after the break.

To Tony Abbott

I would like my uncles to be able to get
married in Australia.

Gay marriage is no different to
any other marriage because its only
about love and nothing else.

I would like the law changed

Age 8


From the mouths of babes, right?

It's worth noting that this isn't the first pro-marriage equality correspondence Abbott has received from tiny Aussies -- earlier this year, four-year-old Sabrina Franco wrote her own letter to the Prime Minister after she found out that two of her mom's gay friends had to marry in New York because they couldn't do it Down Under.

Australia's kids -- and the Australian people -- get it: love is love, and all couples deserve the freedom to marry. Why doesn't Tony Abbott?

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