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Star of NARTH Video Doesn't Support 'Ex-Gay' Therapy

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narth-rebranding-fail.pngJust when you thought the disastrous rebranding of the "ex-gay" "think tank" NARTH couldn't go any worse, it turns out that the star of the group's flashy new (now-removed) promotional video -- which we covered here on Bilerico -- actually loathes "ex-gay" therapy and supports LGBT equality instead!

My friend Zack Ford has the story over at ThinkProgress:

ThinkProgress successfully reached out via email to Jean Hudson of Hudson MediaRoom, who produced the video. She had no information as to why NARTH was no longer using the video she produced for them, but was shocked to learn what the organization actually does.

Hudson was not familiar with NARTH's background, and the brief script she was asked to read only announced the new organization and did not actually refer to the ex-gay therapy the group promotes. After learning of the group's mission, she described it as "disturbing," adding, "I can definitely say that if I had known, I wouldn't have agreed to the video request."..

"The news of my video services used to promote a website that is reportedly anti-LGBT is very troubling," Hudson told ThinkProgress. "First, I apologize to my friends, family, clients, and neighbors who are LGBT supporters. I have not and will not betray or have ever deceived you. You know me better."

Referring to the video presentation she produced as a "small, really tiny disturbance" -- particularly now that it's no longer public -- Hudson acknowledged that more must be done to advocate for the LGBT community. "Unfortunately," she said, "there are bigger challenges to work out, contend with, educate, support, and follow."

Holy schadenfreude, Batman! The "ex-gay" implosion continues -- pull up a chair and enjoy the show.

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