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Trans Youth Reach Out Anonymously on Whisper App

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The past several months have seen an explosion in visibility for the transgender community. Yet while trans possibility models like Laverne Cox and Janet Mock may be racking up accolades and making the media rounds, the fact remains that transgender people, particularly youth, still face incredibly high rates of bullying, harassment, and assault. To make matters worse, more than half of trans and gender-nonconforming youth who've been bullied in school for their gender identity or expression have attempted suicide.

Because of this, connecting trans youth with trans-affirming allies is every bit as important as it ever was. One of the ways youth are reaching out to each other is through a mobile phone app called Whisper, which allows users to express themselves anonymously. Whisper's Slade Sohmer tells The Bilerico Project that LGBT whispers are one of the app's biggest subgroups, and that he's noticed dozens and dozens of pro-trans whispers -- both people coming out and other users expressing support.

What follows is a sampling of recent trans-affirming whispers and replies. According to Sohmer, they come from all across the country -- from Massachusetts to North Carolina to Michigan and California. There's even a whisper from England in the mix!

Whisper #1

Feels amazing to finally be a girl

See how Whisper users responded -- and more whispers -- after the break.

Replies to Whisper #1

And you are fantastic...I need to go shopping with you! Great style.
You go girl ;) hahaha you have great fashion sense and have great legs haha jealous!
& you have nicer legs than me! bitch ;) Love your studded purse & heels!
Good for you! I hope it makes you as happy as you always wanted to be. Congratulations ????

Whisper #2

One time, when I was a server, a teenage couple came in for dinner. One was clearly trans, just starting to transition, and looked really nervous. I asked "What can I get you ladies?" She just lit up. Sometimes I love my job.

Replies to Whisper #2

I was once that nervous trans woman myself. It was wonderful people like you who helped me build my confidence to be me in society. I hope you know how important your simple act of kindness was. xox
You're everything right with the world.
that was very kind of you. kindness like that doesn't happen often but it should.  ;)

Whisper #3

My sister is threatening to out me of the trans* closet to my parents. I'm so scared and freaking out. I don't know what to do...

Replies to Whisper #3

So what if she does...?  I outed myself to my conservative, racist, sexist and homophobic father, and somehow(even though he's so closed minded), he accepted me as his daughter(mtf).
If your parents really love you they will accept you like they did with me
Let her... It is nothing to be ashamed of plus at least then it's out in the open and you don't have to worry about telling people any more
it's scary. but if it is you and something you know you cannot live without and be happy, you ought to tell them. whatever their reaction, you deserve the peace of mind

More Whispers

told my brother that I'm trans. he told me he wanted more sisters anyway <3
I came out to my family as trans after a year of already being on T, and they told me it was about f-ing time! I lucked out.
I just came out to my mum as FTM trans. I feel so happy I want to cry!! ????
I'm Trans and my aunt caught me dressing in her clothes. She told me that I looked better than her and gave me an outfit.
this is a message to any and all trans people out there who feel like the weight of the world is on their shoulders: YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL! and it WILL get better!!!

To see more whispers, click here.

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