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Anti-Gay Indiana State Senator Given Anti-Gay Award

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mike-delph-indiana.jpgIn a prepared statement this week, the Indiana Family Institute, a notorious anti-gay organization, announced that it plans to name Senator Mike Delph, the anti-gay state senator best known for his Twitter diatribes and absolute ignorance of how social media works, with its ostentatious "Legislator of the Year" award. The senator is being lauded for his "unflinching support of the proposed marriage amendment."

Earlier this year, Bilerico reported on the absolutely ridiculous comments that Senator Delph was scribing on his official Twitter account, even going as far as blocking constituents who did not agree with him and being over all petulant.

Delph inspired new hastags like #Delphlogic when he continued to berate the LGBT community and its allies via Twitter. It was later discovered that Senator Delph has a gay brother and thus invited another firestorm that started a war of words with the beleaguered state senator.

Last winter, Delph fought vigorously to bring a constitutional amendment to referendum. He wanted to see a constitutional ban on marriage equality up for a vote this fall, but the votes fell short at the last minute and thus restarted the clock on a chance to take away equality for a sizable portion of the state's population. After the vote failed, Delph levied harsh words against GOP leadership saying it was too moderate and had a lack of commitment to the cause.

This fall, however, Delph faces a new challenge. An openly gay man, J.D. Ford, is running for his seat in the state senate. While the chances of winning this race are unknown, the Democrat hopes to unseat his Republican rival.

The Indiana Family Institute wrote, "We value and respect Sen. Delph's unswerving commitment to faith, family and freedom, the pillars of what makes Indiana such a special place to call home."

The senator will receive his award at a reception where Indiana Governor Mike Pence is the keynote speaker.

Delph has called the award "refreshing" following the grief he received this year over his opposition to marriage equality.

Delph's opponent said that it's time to focus on other issues besides marriage equality, which will likely be answered in the next year by the Supreme Court.

"The award (from the Indiana Family Institute" is not creating jobs, it's not improving our infrastructure and it's not strengthening our public schools," Ford said. "I want to be a senator who is solution-oriented and gets results."

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