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BREAKING: Marriage Equality Coming to North Carolina, Idaho

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wedding_rings.jpgThe Supreme Court has lifted the stay on the Ninth Circuit's pro-marriage equality ruling as it applies to Idaho, which will allow same-sex marriages to begin there.

USA Today reports:

After clearing the way for same-sex marriage in huge swaths of the East, Midwest and Mountain West earlier this month, the Supreme Court swept in the Far West by turning down Idaho's request for a last-minute reprieve.

The order allows a federal appeals court decision issued Tuesday to take effect in Idaho, just as it did in Nevada. Three other states without gay marriage -- Arizona, Montana and Alaska -- are affected by the ruling, but state officials have not given up hope of blocking gay marriages there.

The high court's order denies Idaho officials the chance to block marriages while making their full case to the justices. In Utah, Oklahoma, Virginia, Indiana and Wisconsin, marriages were blocked during the appeals process. When the justices decided not to hear those cases, the appeals court rulings became final and marriages began.

Idaho's appeal is likely to meet the same fate.

State #28, baby!! All that remains is for the Ninth Circuit to enter an order that will allow marriages to begin. Amazing!

UPDATE: STATE #29!! Literally as I was typing this, marriage equality came to North Carolina as well. WTVD reports:

Federal U.S. District Court Judge Max O. Cogburn Jr. has overturned North Carolina's ban on same-sex marriage in a case filed by members of the clergy seeking to marry gay couples. The case is separate from the one being overseen by Chief U.S. District Court Judge William Osteen Jr. in Greensboro. Osteen put off a ruling in that case until Monday.

Friday's ruling came despite attempts by North Carolina's Republican leadership in the General Assembly to intervene in both cases. The ruling was met with celebration among scores of same-sex couples who had spent hours lined up at county courthouses across the state, awaiting a ruling allowing them to marry.

The Wake County Register of Deeds Office said it would stay open until 9 p.m. Friday to issue marriage licenses.

What an absolutely incredible week this has been! When it started, there were 19 marriage equality states. Now, there are 29. Proponents of marriage discrimination will undoubtedly continue to fight for the foreseeable future, but history may very well view this week -- the week of October 6, 2014 -- as the week that the legal debate over marriage equality died.

Copies of both orders are after the break, via Equality Case Files.


14A374 - SCOTUS Order on Stay by Equality Case Files

North Carolina

3:14-cv-00213 #121 - Decision by Equality Case Files

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