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Couple Who Tortured 'Gay' Child to Death Get Plea Deal

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gabriel-fernandez.jpgPearl Fernandez and Isauro Aguirre -- the California monsters mother and boyfriend who beat and tortured eight-year-old Gabriel Fernandez (right) to death after he played with dolls -- have agreed to plead guilty to capital murder and torture charges in order to avoid the death penalty, KNBC Los Angeles reports:

Pearl Fernandez and then-boyfriend Isauro Aguirre will receive life in prison without parole in exchange for their guilty pleas to first degree murder and torture with special circumstances. Both waived their right to appeal and will spend the rest of their lives behind bars...

The case sparked a series of protests throughout the county through the summer, calling on county officials to reform child protective services in which Gabriel had been in the custody of.

Four social workers would be discharged in connection with the Fernandez case and a blue-ribbon panel released a scathing report, recommending changes to the way the county handles abused children.

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As the Los Angeles Times reported back in August, the injuries Fernandez and Aguirre inflicted on little Gabriel were almost unfathomably severe:

The abuse worsened in the months leading up to Gabriel's death, according to testimony from two of his siblings, both of whom are minors. They said Gabriel was forced to eat cat feces, rotten spinach and his own vomit. He slept in a locked cabinet and wasn't let out to go to the bathroom. Fernandez and Aguirre called Gabriel gay, punished him when he played with dolls and forced him to wear girls' clothes to school, the siblings said.

Fernandez and Aguirre hit Gabriel with a belt buckle, a metal hanger, a small bat and a wooden club, Gabriel's brother said. Their mother once jabbed Gabriel in the mouth with a bat and knocked out several teeth, according to testimony...

Investigators searching the family's apartment after Gabriel's death found bloodstains, BB gun holes and a wooden club covered in his blood, according to testimony.

On the day of the fatal beating, Fernandez began hitting Gabriel because he didn't want to pick up his toys, his older brother testified. She dragged him into a bedroom, where Aguirre joined her, and the siblings heard screaming and banging, he said. "And that's when it all stopped," said the brother, 13. "It just went quiet."

These savages will spend the rest of their lives in prison. Here's hoping they're haunted by the memory of little Gabriel every single cursed day of their existence.

KNBC's report on the incident is below.

h/t: The New Civil Rights Movement.

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