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'Incredibly Joyous' Windsor Visits Star-Struck Maddow

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The lead story on MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Show last night was (duh) the Supreme Court's decision yesterday not to hear any of the marriage equality cases on its docket. The move abolished marriage discrimination in Wisconsin, Indiana, Utah, Virginia, and Oklahoma, and it will soon bring the freedom to marry to Colorado, Kansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, and Wyoming as well.

In her opening segment, Maddow gave an overview of the history of marriage equality at the Supreme Court and speculated about why the Justices chose to let the lower court rulings stand rather than taking a case this time around. She also discussed the tsunami of pro-marriage equality rulings in state and federal courts in the aftermath of the Supreme Court's landmark Windsor decision in 2013, and noted that the High Court's decision yesterday not to decide lets Edie's case "keep blazing that trail."

And then Edie herself, along with her megastar lawyer Robbie Kaplan, joined Rachel for The Interview. Watch Kaplan and the "incredibly joyous" Windsor discuss yesterday's news with Maddow, after the break.

My favorite part of the entire interview is Rachel's moment of geek at the end. She's genuinely star-struck, and marvels aloud that she has a job that allows her to interview civil rights icons like Windsor and Kaplan "right here -- not holograms."

Having recently had the honor of meeting Edie myself (more on that in a later post), I can personally vouch for the fact that she does, in truth, have that effect on people. It's neat to see that even celebrities like Maddow aren't immune from feeling just a little bit star-struck in her presence.

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