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The Marriage Equality Map is Filling In. These Others? Not So Much.

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October 2014 has been nothing short of historic on the marriage equality front, with one state after another moving into the freedom-to-marry column. As this handy map from ThinkProgress shows, we're up to 32 states -- plus the District of Columbia -- where same-sex couples enjoy equal marriage rights:


But as many of us have been pointing out, employment equality hasn't caught up with marriage equality. In 29 states, including many freedom-to-marry states, it's perfectly legal to fire someone solely because they're gay, lesbian, or bisexual -- meaning that a person could literally marry a same-sex spouse on Saturday and be fired from their job on Monday morning for putting a wedding photo on their desk. (And this, even though nearly three out of every four Americans support employment protections for LGBT people, and almost 90% erroneously believe these protections already exist!)

If you're transgender, the number of states without protections for gender identity -- where you can be legally fired just for being trans -- jumps to 32.

Here's a visual aid, via the Huffington Post:


And as an enlightening new series of maps from Vocativ shows, when you consider other important transgender rights and protections -- including trans-inclusive anti-bullying and hate crimes laws, coverage for transition-related health care, and procedures allowing trans people to easily obtain accurate gender markers on identity documents -- the landscape is even less friendly.

So while we can -- and absolutely should! -- be excited about how quickly the marriage equality map is filling in, we've still got a lot more work to do.

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