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American Pastor Can't Even Handle How Secular Scandinavia Is

Filed By John M. Becker | November 09, 2014 1:00 PM | comments

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All right, folks, here's your video of the day -- and it's fabulous.

Spotted this on Facebook yesterday, via Addicting Info:

A Georgia-based pastor had his mind blown when he took a recent trip to Scandinavia and discovered, to his horror, that nobody hated gay people or believed God created the Earth in a week.

Pastor Marty McLain, who describes his religious belief as deriving from a literal interpretation of the Bible, was given the opportunity to see how secular Scandinavia is by a documentary series called The Norden. The concept is simple: find narrow-minded Americans and throw them into countries like Norway, Sweden and Denmark and watch them have panic attacks. It actually sounds like a lot of fun.

McLain wanted to use his time in the north to explore how Scandinavians worship God. Unfortunately, he soon discovers that most of them don't.


I've just found another excerpt from The Norden, about different cultural approaches to incarceration. I'm watching it now; it's fascinating. Check it out, after the break.

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