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Richard Dawkins Reads Homophobic Hate Mail

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love-letters-richard-dawkins.jpgEvolutionary biologist and noted atheist Richard Dawkins is the target of a lot of hate mail -- especially because he publicly and repeatedly declares that belief in a deity qualifies as a delusion. (You can imagine how well that goes over with the God crowd.)

In 2010, a video where Dawkins read of some of the hateful messages he regularly receives from loving Christians went viral on YouTube. And now he's done it again, in a new video for the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science.

The clip, which is below, is highly entertaining. (WARNING: Veeeery NSFW language.) I mean, where else are you going to hear a distinguished scholar with a British accent talk about "the fart of God" or getting "sodomized by Satanic monkeys in Hell" -- or hilariously attempt to say the word "beeyotch" like a Southerner?

But it's also revealing: note how many of the insults people lob at Dawkins are related to homosexuality. Isn't it interesting that the most horrible things these people can think of to say to someone they despise -- and the terms that spring most readily to their minds -- are anti-gay in nature?

Watch "Love Letters to Richard Dawkins" and enjoy the Christian love:

Dawkins's original 2010 video is after the break.

And here's the original:

h/t: Towleroad.

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