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Maggie Gallagher to Justice Kennedy: Please Reject Marriage Equality

Filed By John M. Becker | May 03, 2015 12:00 PM | comments

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"The forces for gay marriage are powerful. You have been their hero in the past, when gay people were not so powerful. The tables are turned now, as I think is clear to everyone. The LGBT community has built a powerful cultural, legal, and political movement. They are not helpless or friendless. They do not need you to distort the Constitution to win the right to live as they choose. We who believe in the traditional understanding of marriage do need your help. We live at a time when our livelihoods are under new attack, when our standing as equal citizens is under attack, when the system of ideas and the deep human realities that gave rise to marriage for millennia are now being dismissed as mere bigotry, as irrational, incomprehensible hatred."

-- From an open letter to Justice Anthony Kennedy by Maggie Gallagher -- former president of the National Organization for Marriage and one of America's foremost proponents of marriage discrimination. Gallagher calls equality opponents the "newly stigmatized," begs Kennedy to rule against the freedom to marry, and offers him four bankrupt reasons why he should do so.

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