The Bilerico Project's award winning content is the perfect vehicle to deliver your message to the LGBT community. Known for intelligent political and cultural commentary, the site's carefully selected contributors have helped to shape the LGBT movement for years - both on and off line.

With millions of readers from across the world each year, the Bilerico community is continuously growing thanks to our high share rate on social media outlets. Our readers tend to be socially conscious and politically aware; the majority of our visitors are college educated.

Bilerico Project was named one of Advocate magazine's top ten blogs of 2007 and the "Top Political Blog" of 2009. The Washington Post called Bilerico a "must read" that is "rebooting the gay rights movement in a decentralized, spontaneous, bottom-up way."

Since Bilerico Project launched in 2007, it has been nominated for the GLAAD Outstanding Independent Blog Award (2010), Nuvo Newsweekly's Best Indiana Owned Blog Award (2010 & 2009), TLA/ Best Gay Blog Award (2011-2007), Weblog Best LGBT Blog Award (2008 & 2007) and the 2007 Gay Verve Awards for Best Brand New blog and Best Political blog. The site has most recently won the NYC Anti-Violence Project's Courage Award and the LA Stonewall Democrats' Bob Craig Media Award.

If your company is looking for advertising opportunities that will be seen by the LGBT community, Bilerico Project is an ideal location.

The Basics

  • Your advertisement will appear on all pages of for the duration of the time booked.
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Please note: Bilerico Media LLC retains absolute discretion over the content of any advertisement and can choose to decline any ads that do not meet our standards.




  • All finished artwork must be supplied no later than five working days prior to the first booked day of the ad run.
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  • Flash ads are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and will be charged a premium.

Ad Sizes

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  • Invoices will be issued at the end of the ad run or every 30 days for campaigns longer than one month.
  • Payment will be due within 30 days of invoice date or late fees may apply.
  • New customers may be asked to pay in advance until credit is established.


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