To Arms! To Arms! (or at least to phone and e-mail)

Filed by Marla R. Stevens | April 22, 2005 | 6:00 PM | comments

Frank Capra's beloved character, the Mr. Smith who went to Washington, may have been fictional but the spirit of America embodied in his filibuster scene is as old as the Constitution and as rock-bottom real as it gets. It's...Read More

Tax Time

Filed by Marla R. Stevens | April 13, 2005 | 3:00 PM | comments

My mother has a knack for giving birth on memorable days. I was born on Human Rights Day (which, when we lived in California, was also Property Tax Day) and my sister on Income Tax Day. Because of my...Read More

IA Sen. Pat Ward, MIPA (Marriage Inequality Perpetuation Amendment), & DenialOMA

Filed by Marla R. Stevens | April 12, 2005 | 11:38 AM | comments

One thing's become clearer and clearer as the Marriage Inequality Perpetuation Amendment (MIPA) and Denial Of Marriage Act (DOMA) battles have raged on: We're not being taken seriously. We're seen as expendable pawns -- lesser beings either to be theocratically...Read More