Entertainment: January 2011

Lady Gaga vs Britney Spears

Filed by Michael Buckley | January 31, 2011 | 8:00 AM | comments

Comment Questions of the Day: 1. Do you mind hearing curses in songs? 2. Britney Spears or Lady Gaga or both? Why? Not who is better- who do you prefer and why? 3. Check out the Comedy Thunder vids...Read More

SNL Makes Fun of Trans Women... Really, SNL?

Filed by Alex Blaze | January 30, 2011 | 5:30 PM | comments

Last week I posted a difficult-to-parse series of jokes about transsexual women in The Simpsons, and today a reader emailed in this sketch from SNL. It's hard to figure out what the joke is here other than "Look at these...Read More

Find Yourself in Cedar Rapids

Filed by Joe Mirabella | January 29, 2011 | 4:00 PM | comments

I just got back from the Sundance Film Festival Premier of Cedar Rapids in Seattle. You do not want to miss this movie. No, I'm not just saying that because I grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and like everyone...Read More

Queer Music Friday - Klaus Nomi

Filed by Alex Blaze | January 28, 2011 | 5:00 PM | comments

It's been a long week, so here's German countertenor Klaus Nomi. Before his death in 1983, he frequently collaborated with David Bowie and was on his way to being a star of glam rock, fashioning a look around an extraterrestrial...Read More

Making a Killing: Rocking Out to Dead Kids

Filed by Bil Browning | January 28, 2011 | 4:00 PM | comments

I shouldn't be surprised at how some folks are willing to turn the sublime into the scatological. After all, what red-blooded patriot doesn't want the American dream? There are plenty of ways to get your face out there, baby, and...Read More

Scarlet Betch Episode 35: From Batgirl to Buffy

Filed by Jason Tseng | January 28, 2011 | 1:00 PM | comments

Hey Betches! Anthony's back at home in Florida so we're back to Skypecasting. There were so many comics that came out in the past few weeks since we casted so we had a lot to cover! From Batgirl and Wolverine...Read More

Gay Whore by Jack Love: Vintage Pulp Art

Filed by Gloria Brame, Ph.D. | January 28, 2011 | 10:30 AM | comments

With a title like that, what more can I say? A fabulously sexy cover on this vintage, explicit gay novel, set on Fire Island and now considered one of the classics of 1960s gay pulp....Read More

Book Review: Beautiful World

Filed by Austen Crowder | January 27, 2011 | 2:00 PM | comments

Beautiful World by Kristina Tracer paints a both a haunting and beautiful tapestry of singularity culture, interspersed with all the questions that come along with an increasingly connected and creative culture. Its mix of furry characters, cyberpunk, science fiction, and...Read More

Out of Control

Filed by Kate Clinton | January 27, 2011 | 12:00 PM | comments

Congratulations to Annette Bening on her Oscar nomination in The Kids Are All Right, for the role described by the New York Times as "a controlling lesbian." I say it's about time! Time not just for Annette Bening to get...Read More

Need a Lift?: Vintage Strongman Photo

Filed by Gloria Brame, Ph.D. | January 27, 2011 | 11:30 AM | comments

I have no idea if this was an unknown amateur, photographed by one friend while hoisting another skyward, or someone who went on to be famous. Either way, he is a most strapping fellow! "Gasp! Ooh! Hunky!" I'm guessing this...Read More

Elton John, David Furnish and Baby Magazine Cover Censored

Filed by Karen Ocamb | January 27, 2011 | 10:30 AM | comments

Styleite.com reported that the managers of Harp's Supermarket in Mountain Home, Arkansas put a "family shield" over the cover of US Weekly not "to protect kids from Snooki or Kim or any other standard tabloid trash. No, they're trying to...Read More

The Kids Are All Right, Bening, Ruffalo Get Oscar Nods

Filed by Karen Ocamb | January 26, 2011 | 4:00 PM | comments

This is "award season" - which is a big entertainment industry deal on the Left Coast. People still talking about how Ricky Garvais hosted the Golden Globes - where drinking is encouraged. Tuesday morning, the nominations for the Academy Awards...Read More

Why Hasn't Star Trek Ever Had a Queer Character?

Filed by Alex Blaze | January 26, 2011 | 11:30 AM | comments

AfterElton has an interview up with a Star Trek writer/producer, Brannon Braga, on why the franchise never included an out gay character. He doesn't really answer, implies that the problem was unnamed people who worked on the show twenty years...Read More

Pan Plays His Pipe: Vintage Nudist Photo

Filed by Gloria Brame, Ph.D. | January 25, 2011 | 4:30 PM | comments

I've been gobbling up photos from inside nudist colonies lately - apparently people cannot get enough vintage nudes! I found this spry fellow, who looks happy and supremely fit, frolicking in a 1950s nudist camp and following the music of...Read More

Another Gay Doritos Commercial

Filed by Bil Browning | January 24, 2011 | 6:30 PM | comments

Apparently someone has a theme for the Superbowl this year... Frito Lay has released another one of their ads for the Superbowl and this one also has a gay flavor. Over at AmericaBlog Gay, Joe Sudbay Tim Beauchamp thinks the...Read More

New Doritos Gay-Themed Superbowl Ad?

Filed by Bil Browning | January 24, 2011 | 2:30 PM | comments

Will Doritos be running this gay-themed ad during the Superbowl? We've already seen one rejected ad today. Do you think this one will make the cut? The next time I go to a bath though, I'm totally going to try...Read More

Queer Music Friday - Big Freedia

Filed by Alex Blaze | January 21, 2011 | 5:00 PM | comments

Big Freedia is the only musician up for a GLAAD Media Award this year that I haven't already posted about on the site. She makes bounce music, which sounds a lot like crunk to me. Since separating her music from...Read More

A Girl Named Butch: Lesbian Pulp Fiction

Filed by Gloria Brame, Ph.D. | January 21, 2011 | 10:30 AM | comments

Found these two books, ca.1950s/1960s, by different authors, so I am assuming they are different characters and not part of a series (please correct me if you know more). Now, why a butch would be getting a spanking from a...Read More

Big Brother Argentina Gets Trans Housemate

Filed by Bil Browning | January 20, 2011 | 5:00 PM | comments

Big Brother Argentina has proven itself more liberal than the American version yet again. This year they've included trans man Alejandro Iglesias who came out to his fellow houseguests in the first episode. Contrary to expectations, he was not the...Read More

Judging Gays in Mel Brooks' "History of the World: Part I"

Filed by Andrew Belonsky | January 16, 2011 | 11:30 AM | comments

When I was younger, I thought Mel Brooks' History of the World: Part I was absolutely uproarious. And it is. Who can keep a straight face watching Roman Empress Nympho, played by the late, great Madeleine Kahn, rating her potential...Read More

Dance to This: "Cooler Than Me" by Mike Posner

Filed by Prince Gomolvilas | January 15, 2011 | 10:00 AM | comments

Speaking of Mike Posner, the music video for "Cooler Than Me" features eyeglasses as metaphors for drug-induced trips. But, if I'm reading too much into things, then eyeglasses are just eyeglasses. Which is kind of boring. Especially since I wear...Read More

Queer music Friday - Debbie Friedman

Filed by Alex Blaze | January 14, 2011 | 5:00 PM | comments

Singer/song-writer Debbie Friedman, who was once called "the Joan Baez of Jewish song" by a Jewish newspaper and who's openly gay, passed away this week at age 59. So here's "Mourning into Dancing":...Read More

The Navy's a Drag: Vintage Photo

Filed by Gloria Brame, Ph.D. | January 14, 2011 | 10:30 AM | comments

No, no, I swear it isn't a still from the fired Navy Commander's porn movies. Just a bunch of bored sailors entertaining themselves and each other with an old-fashioned drag show in this vintage snap. Looks reasonably modern but I...Read More

Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same

Filed by Bil Browning | January 13, 2011 | 2:00 PM | comments

Here's a flick you probably won't catch at the local theater in Hoboken, but Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same has been picked up to be part of the Sundance Film Festival this year. Who's buying their tickets now? One...Read More

Buy the House from Ferris Bueller!

Filed by Bil Browning | January 13, 2011 | 10:30 AM | comments

If you live in the Chicago area (or would like to!), you can purchase the house from Ferris Bueller's Day Off for the low, low price of $1.65 million. The home is in Highland Park. Before I knew I was...Read More

Dire Straits' "Money for Nothing"'s Faggots Censored in Canada

Filed by Alex Blaze | January 13, 2011 | 9:30 AM | comments

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council has upheld a complaint against the Dire Straits' "Money for Nothing" without censoring the three faggots in the song. The song was a hit, one of the Dire Straits' most popular songs, and won the...Read More

Enrique Iglesias will be f--king you tonight

Filed by Bil Browning | January 12, 2011 | 10:30 AM | comments

If he insists... This YouTube version, which doesn't have the official music video, is still working so watch it while you can. The non-explicit version of the song is after the jump; it'll show you the real video (while it...Read More

The Genderfellator

Filed by Tobi Hill-Meyer | January 12, 2011 | 9:30 AM | comments

Back in 2007 Catherine Crouch made headlines for her blatently anti-trans short film The Gendercator, which, due to the lack of trans inclusion on LGBTQ film festival selection committees, was included in several of them and ultimately pulled from the...Read More

I Don't Like Kissing!

Filed by Michael Buckley | January 12, 2011 | 8:00 AM | comments

The 31st episode of Dear Buck where I change your life or not. Take it all with a grain of gay salt. I ain't no expert! Just what I think and having fun! How do you get advice: Leave...Read More

Watch: Ricky Martin gays it up for newest music video

Filed by Bil Browning | January 11, 2011 | 3:30 PM | comments

I get really tired of hearing celebrities complain about how coming out destroyed their careers. Chely Wright is complaining that her album sales dropped in half after coming out. Poor Rupert Everett can't get a gig in the movies anymore....Read More

Showtime's 'Shameless' Gay Character Says Being Gay is a 'Choice'

Filed by Karen Ocamb | January 11, 2011 | 1:30 PM | comments

The Wrap has an interview with 17 year old Cameron Monaghan who plays a gay teenager on the new Showtime series "Shameless." The hour-long Sunday night drama, produced by John Wells, takes a gritty look at a near-poverty working class...Read More

Country Singer Chely Wright: "Coming Out Hurt My Sales"

Filed by Toshio Meronek | January 11, 2011 | 8:30 AM | comments

Last April, People promised to reveal a country star's big gay secret on Cinco de Mayo. All the pop culture blogs played the guessing game. That star turned out to be Chely Wright, who wasn't really known to people outside...Read More

Your incendiary rhetoric

Filed by Bil Browning | January 10, 2011 | 6:00 PM | comments

Great cartoon from Tom Tomorrow about the horrible gun tragedy in Arizona. This about sums it up....Read More

The Hottest Brazilian of 2010 (Because You Asked)

Filed by Prince Gomolvilas | January 10, 2011 | 9:30 AM | comments

I have no affiliation with Brazil except for these three facts: The brutally entertaining Rio de Janeiro crime movie, City of God, made me feel like I was trapped in a cocaine-induced nightmare. I have joked repeatedly in that past...Read More

Dance to This: "Evil Woman" by Mike Posner (with a Little Help from ELO)

Filed by Prince Gomolvilas | January 09, 2011 | 4:00 PM | comments

Speaking of songs I dance to in my underwear, check out Mike Posner's 2009 cover of "Evil Woman." As awesome as the original is (Electric Light Orchestra is one of my favorite bands), Posner's club-ready remake is inspired. The track...Read More

Dance to This: "Driving Me Crazy" by Sam Adams (with a Little Help from Annie Lennox)

Filed by Prince Gomolvilas | January 08, 2011 | 10:00 AM | comments

The thought of going out to a dance club makes me want to throw up into my hands, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy cutting a rug in the comfort of my living room when I'm home alone and...Read More

Queer music Friday - Liberace

Filed by Alex Blaze | January 07, 2011 | 5:00 PM | comments

A biopic movie will be coming out on Liberace with Michael Douglas opposite Matt Damon. Even though Liberace never came out, I thought I'd put him up here playing on his rhinestone piano: His father was a pianist and he...Read More

Germany: Sex slave causes terror alert

Filed by Bil Browning | January 07, 2011 | 4:00 PM | comments

This is too damned funny. German police launched a full-scale poison terror alert after a kinky dominatrix ordered her slave to walk the streets in Guenzburg wearing a PVC catsuit and a gas mask. ... Police did not file charges...Read More

Your moment of Neil Patrick Harris

Filed by Bil Browning | January 07, 2011 | 1:30 PM | comments

Neil Patrick Harris won a People's Choice Award for Favorite TV Comedy Actor Wednesday evening. Sadly, for some reason, my invitation to give him the trophy was apparently lost in the mail. It's always a missed connection between us, isn't...Read More

Boston Herald sportswriter comes out in column

Filed by Drew Cordes | January 07, 2011 | 8:30 AM | comments

A sportswriter for the Boston Herald, Steve Buckley, came out as gay in a recent column. Near the end of his piece, he says: But during this same period (of planning to come out), I have read sobering stories about...Read More

Maroon 5 Frontman Adam Levine Gets Naked

Filed by Bil Browning | January 06, 2011 | 1:00 PM | comments

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine gets naked for the February issue of Cosmo UK. The sexy tattooed singer strips down "to encourage men to check for signs and symptoms of prostate and testicular cancer." I've always had a thing for...Read More

Patrick Wolf is getting married

Filed by Alex Blaze | January 06, 2011 | 9:30 AM | comments

Patrick Wolf announced on Twitter that he's getting married. Whatever happened to "I'm not gonna marry in the fall/I'm not gonna marry in the spring/I will never marry, marry at all"? Bah, we'll always have The Hidden Cameras. Haha, just...Read More

Scarlet Betch Episode 34: "Hi Greg Land!"

Filed by Jason Tseng | January 05, 2011 | 10:30 AM | comments

Happy New Year betches! Hope everyone had a great weekend and stayed warm #hayo. This week, Anthony was visiting me up in New York City and obviously, we had to record a video podcast to commemorate the event! Anthony and...Read More

Black Swan would be better without the plot

Filed by Alex Blaze | January 04, 2011 | 10:30 AM | comments

The Catholic News Service put out a review of Natalie Portman's new movie Black Swan (rated "O" for "Morally Offensive"). Here's a short plot summary (from IMDB): When artistic director Thomas Leroy (Cassel) decides to replace prima ballerina Beth MacIntyre...Read More

12 Hot Asians and 12 Hot Mormons Walk into a Bar... (The 2011 Edition)

Filed by Prince Gomolvilas | January 03, 2011 | 12:00 PM | comments

A couple years ago, I wrote about how my tradition of buying Zac Efron calendars was under review because there were entrepreneurs pervy enough to mass-produce calendars featuring nothing but hot Asian guys and hot Mormon dudes (though, oddly, not...Read More

Man to Sweaty Man: Vintage wrestlers

Filed by Gloria Brame, Ph.D. | January 03, 2011 | 9:30 AM | comments

My personal blog is on hiatus for a bit (I'll still be going here on my beloved Bilerico *smooch smooch smooch*), but the research goes on. I'm planning to do a big show on amateur wrestling (a hugely popular fetish/sport)...Read More