Fundie Watch: August 2005

Fred Phelps - Asshole Extraordinaire

Filed by Bil Browning | August 28, 2005 | 10:59 AM | comments

It seems that Fred Phelps and his "church" are up to their old tricks. These religious fanatics are known for protesting anything remotely gay - and some things that aren't even close. This is the same group of misguided...Read More

Every Picture Tells a Story

Filed by Ed Team | August 26, 2005 | 9:31 PM | comments

Advance America, arguably the most politically powerful right-wing extremist group in the state of Indiana, recently held a meeting in Sullivan, Indiana to discuss what it describes as "issues of importance" in the upcoming general assembly. The organization, founded...Read More

Robertson, the Ventriloquist's Dummy ... or "Look, Rocky, Nothing Up My Sleeve!"

Filed by Marla R. Stevens | August 23, 2005 | 11:05 PM | comments

I laughed so hard...My first response was, "Can you spell whacked out, melodramatic, self-important, politically delusional, lying bigot's M*E*L*T*D*O*W*N?!?" I saw the whole thing last night, including the very selectively reported pseudo-news piece that preceded Rev. Pat's call to...Read More

That Darn Pat!

Filed by Bil Browning | August 23, 2005 | 9:40 AM | comments

What would the world of televangelism be without Pat Robertson? The original snake oil salesman with the penchant for preaching, Robertson oversees a worldwide empire of millions of viewers and listeners. He's also known for making outrageous, radical comments...Read More

Micah Clark Gives the Best Gifts...

Filed by Jerame Davis | August 09, 2005 | 1:13 PM | comments

Micah doesn't know this, of course...But his AFA Weekly emails are, quite possibly, the best gift I've ever gotten from the right-wing. For those of you who don't get to see them, visit the AFAIN website and subscribe. I...Read More

Clark Loses His Seat at the (Round)Table

Filed by Ed Team | August 08, 2005 | 5:44 PM | comments

It was always interesting to me that with a record of hostility to the rights of gay and Lesbian families in Indiana, an important constituency of the Democratic Party, Micah Clark was nevertheless quietly appointed first by Governor O'Bannon...Read More