Gay Icons and History: December 2007

LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ: Gay Rights Movement or Alphabet Soup?

Filed by Eric Marcus | December 12, 2007 | 12:01 PM | comments

Gay rights pioneer Frank Kameny branded the gay rights movement before most out gay people were born. He came up with the slogan "Gay is Good!" and carefully considered the marketing techniques that would work best in 1960's America to...Read More

Remembering Ali

Filed by Cathy Renna | December 10, 2007 | 11:38 AM | comments

One of the things I wish our community was better at doing is reflection - taking a deep breath and celebrating victories, analyzing defeats and recognizing loss. Instead, we spend far too much time fighting with each other over differences...Read More

Political trans-panic in Riverdale, Georgia

Filed by Alex Blaze | December 03, 2007 | 7:05 AM | comments

Michelle Bruce, a transgender city councilwoman, is being sued for voter fraud in Riverdale, Georgia because she ran as a woman: Four years after she won a City Council seat, making her what is believed to be Georgia’s first transgender...Read More