Marriage Equality: June 2005

Patriots act

Filed by Bil Browning | June 30, 2005 | 3:00 PM | comments

Jerame and I were featured in an INTake magazine article this week. The article (to coincide with the Fourth of July weekend) is about "Freedom Fighters" in Indiana. Darnell Morris-Compton has written an interesting focus on various individuals in...Read More

Santorum has a heart?

Filed by Bil Browning | June 27, 2005 | 5:38 PM | comments

So I find myself flummoxed. I agree with Rick Santorum. I actually like the man for this. How in the hell did this happen? WASHINGTON - Puppies and kittens likely are not the first things that come to mind...Read More

Mushy Musings

Filed by Ed Team | June 24, 2005 | 5:04 PM | comments

Hello Dear Readers. It's been awhile since my last posting and I know you've missed me. Please, stop the e-mails demanding I post again. Seriously, Mom. Stop it! It's Friday afternoon and I've got yet another meeting (this one...Read More

When ignorance is not bliss...

Filed by Marla R. Stevens | June 22, 2005 | 4:31 PM | comments

Today the House passed a flag-burning amendment. Nothing new about that. The House is designed to be responsive majoritarianly to idiots of the sort who inspired Alexander Hamilton's better cautionary tales. The Senate, however, is supposed to protect us...Read More

AFA Draws Line in the Sand

Filed by Ed Team | June 21, 2005 | 8:06 PM | comments

In yet another "special" American Family Association of Indiana email newsletter (an unprecedented three in less then a week), Micah Clark has obtained his promised "legal reviews," and is once again going after Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, this time...Read More

Clark Continues to Deflect Criticism

Filed by Ed Team | June 20, 2005 | 7:14 AM | comments

In an obvious "hey, I'm not the only one criticizing the governor" move, American Family Association of Indiana President Micah Clark has issued a "special" email newsletter just three days after his rambling backpedaling post from last week. Clark...Read More

IAN Delivers Noisy Greeting to Bigotry Supporters

Filed by Ed Team | June 14, 2005 | 12:53 PM | comments

PROTEST OF BOSMA FUNDRAISER AT RATHSKELLAR DRAWS APPROX. 100 Re-printed from GayIndy.Org Indianapolis--Attendees of Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma's annual "Junetoberfest" fundraiser were greeted by a noisy crowd of protesters as they entered the Rathskellar Restaurant on June 13. About...Read More

Luv those Texans...

Filed by Ed Team | June 10, 2005 | 3:25 PM | comments

Well, I love Ann Richards. Can't say much for this jerk! Linda Texas governor suggests gay veterans should leave stateGay groups demand Perry apologizeBy STEVE KOVAL Jun 8, 10:55 AM Texas Gov. Rick Perry suggested that gay veterans unhappy...Read More

Ugh...I've been tagged!

Filed by Ed Team | June 02, 2005 | 11:46 PM | comments

That Bil! I don't know whether to squeeze him or squeeze him harder sometimes. I have an infinite dislike for chain letters and those e-mails that promise me hell and damnation if I don't forward it to x number...Read More

IAN press release

Filed by Bil Browning | June 02, 2005 | 5:39 PM | comments

**FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE** CONTACT: Jerame Davis Indiana Action Network (317) 213-4148 [email protected] LOCAL ACTIVISTS PROTEST BOSMA FUNDRAISER The Massachusetts Avenue area of downtown Indianapolis has long been promoted to tourists and residents alike for its restaurants and lively...Read More