Marriage Equality: June 2006

The Right Wing War on Younger Brothers

Filed by Chris Douglas | June 30, 2006 | 5:47 PM | comments

The study on the biology of the womb, and its propensity to produce same sex orientation in males who are younger brothers to other brothers, is finding its way into bastions of traditional conservativism like the Wall Street Journal. Though...Read More

Action Open 'Til Midnight PDT

Filed by Marla R. Stevens | June 29, 2006 | 3:42 PM | comments

Lament that your checkbook balance doesn't allow you to make big campaign contributions to pro-civil marriage equality candidates? Act now and you could help earn a really great one a $5000 contribution from Virginian Mark Warner's pre-Prez 2008 group. They've...Read More

I thee wed

Filed by Jennifer Wagner | June 27, 2006 | 1:20 PM | comments

I'm a born cynic. I've always thought of marriage as one of those conventional traditions marketed for girls in fluffy dresses and their overbearing mothers. I've always said it's the commitment that matters, the pledge to love another for a...Read More

The Error... and the Peril... of Democratic Strategy

Filed by Chris Douglas | June 22, 2006 | 5:49 PM | comments

Because conservative Republican control of the House of Representatives and a right-wing surge in the Indiana Senate are together literal and announced threats to Constitutional rights and an independent judiciary in Indiana, anyone who opposes the desecration of the Constitution...Read More

Computers for Angie

Filed by Marla R. Stevens | June 20, 2006 | 12:32 AM | comments

Angie Paccione, running against Rep. Marilyn Musgrave for Colorado's 4th District House seat is for computer loans for her campaign. Musgrave is, on the other hand, banking on pumping up the hate volume against gay families to get her voters to the polls, as author of HJR 88, the Marriage (Special Rights for Hets) Protection Amendment. Have computer to loan that's less than 3 years old, with USB and CD-R minimum, call Andy at (970) 308-0787.Read More

Indiana GOP: Bush, Daniels, immigrants and queers

Filed by Bil Browning | June 18, 2006 | 12:39 PM | comments

Today's Indianapolis Star "Behind Closed Doors" column has an interesting tidbit about the Indiana GOP. (Hat tip to Taking Down Words) It seems the party is trying to get some feedback from the base. They have sent out an email...Read More

Marriage Myths II

Filed by Edward Fox | June 18, 2006 | 2:06 AM | comments

It is a gay issue: The issue of whether America means what it says: that no state may deny any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws, is not a gay issue. While it is obvious that...Read More

Marriage Myths I

Filed by Edward Fox | June 14, 2006 | 6:36 PM | comments

There are many myths about marriage, and the ones that are used to obfuscate any discussion of present-day gay bashing cry out to be exposed. The old school rhyme went "Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will...Read More

An answer from Bayh? No, not really.

Filed by Bil Browning | June 14, 2006 | 11:34 AM | comments

As you might remember, a few weeks ago some of the contributors to were invited to take part in a "blogger lunch" with Senator Evan Bayh. Linda Perdue asked a question about the Federal Marriage Amendment and I followed up with a question about SJR-7, the state constitutional amendment to outlaw civil marriage for gays and lesbians. While Senator Bayh told Linda he would not be voting in favor of the FMA, he hedged on my question. He told me that he'd "get back to me." And then never did. In fact, I get the distinct impression that the good Senator's office has avoided answering my question.Read More

It just gets better and better.......

Filed by Annette Gross | June 13, 2006 | 7:48 PM | comments

This is the reply I received from Evan Bayh after writing to him to request that he vote against the Marriage Amendment. What can I say? Dear Mrs. Gross : Thank you for contacting me regarding the Marriage Protection Amendment...Read More

IE kicks off fundraising drive

Filed by Bil Browning | June 07, 2006 | 11:13 AM | comments

Indiana Equality will kick off the Fairness 200 Campaign today at 2pm according to a press release by the organization. The Indianapolis Star, Indiana Daily Insight and WIBC already have stories up about the launch of the campaign - and...Read More

On the topic of Polls....

Filed by Chris Douglas | June 05, 2006 | 9:20 PM | comments

I notice today that AOL has a poll running on President Bush's priorities. Like polls conducted by the Indianapolis Star, it reveals that Americans (and Hoosiers are no different) assign a very low priority to the "threat" of our achieving...Read More

The Poll that Got Away

Filed by Chris Douglas | June 04, 2006 | 4:57 PM | comments

On May 10th, the New York Times published a telling poll, which reveals the real story behind the dynamics of the electorate that put George Bush into office. (I hasten to say even as a Republican that I have never...Read More

A Tale of Two Ads

Filed by Bil Browning | June 01, 2006 | 4:44 PM | comments

Two ads have been featured in the Indianapolis Star lately. One ad (shown on the left) focuses on Senator Evan Bayh - accusing him of being anti-family because he plans to vote against the Federal Marriage Amendment. It appeared...Read More

The Federal Marriage Abomination

Filed by Bil Browning | June 01, 2006 | 12:38 PM | comments

There are two things wrong with the upcoming debate and vote on the FMA: 1) it is an attempt to play with the constitution for transient political gain; 2) The wording of the amendment is a rhetorical confidence game. There...Read More