Marriage Equality: July 2013

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Pope Francis on the 'Right Side of History'? Not So Fast

Filed by John M. Becker | July 31, 2013 | 2:30 PM | comments

Francis's comments on homosexuality were a change of style, not of substance, but this was glossed over by the media in its rush to force-fit this story into the broader narrative of a major societal shift in favor of LGBT acceptance.Read More

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Oxford English Dictionary Adopting Inclusive Marriage

Filed by John M. Becker | July 24, 2013 | 5:00 PM | comments

The venerable Oxford English Dictionary will adopt an inclusive definition of the word "marriage" in an upcoming edition.Read More

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Read: Virginia's Marriage Amendment Challenge

Filed by Michael Hamar | July 24, 2013 | 12:30 PM | comments

Last week a challenge to Virginia's constitutional marriage ban was filed in the U. S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. We have a copy of the complaint.Read More

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Ohio Couple Sues to Have Maryland Marriage Recognized

Filed by John M. Becker | July 22, 2013 | 2:30 PM | comments

It is an indictment of the society in which we live that two people who love each other have to fight so hard for such a simple, basic dignity.Read More

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What You Need To Know (7/14-7/20)

Filed by E. Winter Tashlin | July 20, 2013 | 4:00 PM | comments

The Queen signs a same-sex marriage law, violent attacks in Kenya, the history of homosexual panic in Miami, the Illinois Family Institute pushes "ex-gay" therapy, and more. Read More


Lawsuit Filed Challenging Virginia Marriage Ban

Filed by Michael Hamar | July 20, 2013 | 2:00 PM | comments

While LGBT Virginians await the filing of a promised lawsuit by the ACLU challenging the Marshall-Newman Amendment, one Norfolk couple has moved forward on their own and filed a lawsuit yesterday in Norfolk.Read More


Equal Marriage Coming to England & Wales

Filed by John M. Becker | July 16, 2013 | 5:30 PM | comments

Marriage equality cleared its last legislative hurdle in England and Wales today after the House of Commons voted to accept amendments from the House of Lords.Read More

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Terminally Ill OH Man Marries Husband at MD Airport

Filed by John M. Becker | July 14, 2013 | 1:00 PM | comments

John Arthur, a terminally ill Ohio man, wanted just one perfect day before he died: a day where he could marry Jim, the man he loves. Last week he got his wish.Read More


Because Wet French Twinks Hate Gay Marriage?

Filed by Bil Browning | July 11, 2013 | 6:10 PM | comments

Homophobes are stupid. Now we're forced to watch young, skinny, white, hairless anonymous boys run around flexing their muscles in wet swimsuits. Nothing gay about that.Read More

Supreme Court

An Anti-Voting Rights, Pro-Marriage Equality World

Filed by Rev Irene Monroe | July 11, 2013 | 11:00 AM | comments

The Supreme Court rulings on DOMA, Prop. 8, and the Voting Rights Act force LGBTQ people of color like myself to reside a bifurcated reality in terms of full civil rights protections.Read More

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Slow Down: Indiana's 'New' Marriage Law Isn't Real

Filed by Jerame Davis | July 09, 2013 | 6:45 PM | comments

Everything you've read about this "new" Indiana law that makes criminals out of same-sex couples who apply for a marriage license is wrong. Dead wrong. Read More

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'Tolerate' Your Homophobia? Ummm, No.

Filed by John M. Becker | July 09, 2013 | 3:00 PM | comments

People like Orson Scott Card want equal rights supporters to believe that being "tolerant" means accommodating anti-LGBT bigotry. Two words: hell no.Read More


Coming Out as a Person of Faith

Filed by Guest Blogger | July 09, 2013 | 11:00 AM | comments

The Coming Out as a Person of Faith exhibit is important because it highlights a group of people often forgotten in the search for LGBTQ rights.Read More

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Civil Unions, Domestic Partnerships Officially Unequal

Filed by John M. Becker | July 09, 2013 | 10:00 AM | comments

The U.S. government just made it crystal clear that "separate but equal" relationship recognition structures are not equal at all.Read More

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Is There Coordination on State Marriage Efforts?

Filed by Karen Ocamb | July 08, 2013 | 6:00 PM | comments

If our national and state LGBT orgs aren't coordinating and cooperating on the recent spate of marriage equality efforts in the states, the recent wedding gold rush will turn to fools gold.Read More


G.W. Bush: Marriage Equality Foes Shouldn't Judge

Filed by John M. Becker | July 08, 2013 | 12:00 PM | comments

"I shouldn't be taking a speck out of somebody else's eye when I have a log in my own."Read More


Imagine Equality

Filed by Davina Kotulski | July 02, 2013 | 5:00 PM | comments

Yesterday, as same-sex couples in California exchanged wedding vows, I drove to West Hollywood, California to be a part of the festivities. The feeling of love was everywhere!Read More


Watch: Rachel Maddow Owns DeMint, Reed

Filed by John M. Becker | July 02, 2013 | 12:30 PM | comments

Last Sunday, Rachel Maddow totally owned two high-profile anti-gay conservatives who tried to spin the Supreme Court's rulings as an attack on anti-gay Christians.Read More


Chad Griffin & Brian Brown on Marriage Equality

Filed by John M. Becker | July 01, 2013 | 11:00 AM | comments

In the aftermath of last week's landmark SCOTUS decisions, Brian Brown has basically resorted to whining that marriage equality tramples on the rights of those who think same-sex marriage is icky.Read More