Transgender & Intersex: October 2006

The Non-Trans Privilege Checklist

Filed by Ed Team | October 26, 2006 | 1:16 AM | comments

Since my previous post was promoting a talk given by a guy addressing the issue of white privilege, it got me thinking about gender privilege and I went hunting for this checklist that I recall being distributed at a conference I went to a few years back. Check it out. It really helped me to understand trans identity and experience better when I started to realize my own non-trans (cisgendered) privilege.Read More

Court Majority and Entire Dissent: Republican Appointees

Filed by Chris Douglas | October 25, 2006 | 4:56 PM | comments

(It's important for Republican leadership to note that in other states, it has been Republican-appointed courts that have upheld the equal protection clause of the Bill of Rights in these cases. New Jersey is not the first state in which...Read More


Filed by Ellen Andersen | October 25, 2006 | 3:20 PM | comments

NJ Supreme Court rules gay couples have equal right to all benefits of marriage. Leaves name up to legislature. 4-3 decision. Here's the thing: the 3 who dissented argued that only marriage would do. That 7 votes for civil unions...Read More

The Question I did not ask

Filed by Bil Browning | October 25, 2006 | 1:41 PM | comments

At Annette's invitation, along with a few friends, I attended the JCRC's Annual Political Action Workshop: Indiana State House Debates, last night. Present were: Representative David Orentlicher (D) and challenger Kathryn Densborn (R); Representative Cindy Noe (R) and challenger Leona...Read More

Traditions, Good and Bad

Filed by Sheila S. Kennedy | October 24, 2006 | 2:26 PM | comments

It's "that time of year." No--I'm not talking about Halloween, or even Thanksgiving, Chanukah and Christmas. For the eleventh year in a row, from November 3d through the 19th, approximately 100 organizational partners will invite us to the civic conversation...Read More

Ron Liggett and David Orentlicher: Two Candidates Worthy of GLBT Support

Filed by Karen Celestino-Horseman | October 23, 2006 | 10:35 AM | comments

Attention members, family and friends of the GLBT community - your financial support and election day assistance is needed by former State Representative Ron Liggett, author of the legislative proposal that included sexual orientation in Indiana's nondiscrimination code. In the...Read More

Follow Up to Lambda Legal Dinner

Filed by Linda Perdue | October 23, 2006 | 9:36 AM | comments

David Wene recently listed on GayIndy some of the elected or appointed individuals who attended the Lambda Legal Benefit Dinner on September 21, 2006, as well as some candidates. I also listed some, but didn't have access to the full...Read More


Filed by Nick Clarkson | October 22, 2006 | 2:30 AM | comments

Two incidents of misrecognition in the last couple weeks: 1. I am picking up my laundry from my grandma's house. My sister has been doing laundry there earlier and has left her bras there to dry. I am packing up...Read More

Emerging Consensus on Nondiscrimination

Filed by Chris Douglas | October 19, 2006 | 7:34 AM | comments

According to a report in today's Indianapolis Star, the nation's Roman Catholic bishops said that they are developing new guidelines for ministry to gays, affirming many of that church's traditional positions, but condemning discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation....Read More

Two-Spirit Culture

Filed by Melissa Williams | October 07, 2006 | 4:35 PM | comments

Here is an interesting article about the reemergence of "Two spirit" culture in Native American communities. It seems like a field trip is in order to one of these gatherings....Read More