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I'm down and out with a nasty case of Indiana crud... To tide you over and still get the info out there, I'm going to give you a roundup of some times that have come out locally. Enjoy. I'll be sleeping off my Nyquil...

1. Nuvo - Evangelical Lobbyist Eric Miller: The Most Powerful Man in the Indiana Statehouse
Now THIS is investigative journalism. Why isn't the mainstream media talking about this here in Indiana? Laura McPhee hits the nail on head in this piece that examines Miller's activities and Indiana's history with evangelical Christians and hate.

2. INTake magazine - A matter of exclusion: Banning gay marriage isn't about family values
Nuvo's competing weekly magazine also comes out against SJR-7. While not as detailed as the previous piece, this is a good one to send to friends or family members who just want the quick and dirty lowdown.

3. FauxReal Tho - No Sex Ed for Fetuses!
Blogger friend Lauren takes former Lafayette Republican state representative candidate Connie Basham to the woodshed for a frivolous e-mail promoting the Indiana Right to Life. You might remember Connie from another e-mail where she compares herself to Moses. Lauren gets lucky when Connie responds in the comments section.

4. A Commonplace Book - Schoolyard Taunts
Steph takes a critical eye to Ann Coulter's defense that her words were just "schoolyard taunts." Steph's response is better than anything I could have ever written.

5. Advance Indiana - Would-Be Successor to Bauer Co-Sponsors SJR-7
This story touches on two topics I wanted to cover today, but Gary beat me to. He talks about both Democratic Rep Scott Pelath (from the same area as Anita Bowser, if you can imagine), who has sponsored SJR-7 in the House and IU's decision to re-emphasize their commitment to domestic partner benefits. Good readin'.

That's it from me until tomorrow unless something major breaks. Wish me hugs and chicken noodle soup. *grins*

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Gary Welsh | March 7, 2007 4:38 PM

Bil, Thanks for the mention. You could have also credited me for the Nuvo story as well since Laura McPhee used my many hours of investigative work on Eric Miller without any attribution to write much of that story. I'm stunned she would do this to me. I expected more from her.

Good point, Gary. You have been the "go-to" guy for all things Eric Miller. I thought that you had provided her with much of the information, myself. Hey, if it makes you feel better we got no credit for the Hershman's abortion/divorce story either - and we both covered that!

Gary Welsh | March 7, 2007 5:11 PM

At least you and I, Bil, credited the original source of the story--the Logansport Pharos-Tribune. She doesn't even credit them!

You'd think McPhee would have gotten the name of Senator John Waterman correct.... but then if you look at his photo he does look Wax'd up.