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Homophobic groupie?

Filed By Jen Jorczak | March 28, 2007 4:20 PM | comments

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So... did anyone else notice that the Star's photographer caught the exact same Eric Miller supporter yesterday that NUVO's photographer caught at Miller's 2005 rally?

2005 rally.jpg2007 rally.jpg
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I mean, that's gotta be the same girl, right? How sad that this young woman seems to have dedicated her life to Miller's "Nobody's allowed to have any fun or legitimacy unless he's a white heterosexual male" crusade.

Apparently, she told NUVO in 2005 that she objects to same-sex marriage because "homosexuality is immoral, unscientific and illogical."

I for one wouldn't have guessed Eric Miller et al. to be moral, scientific, or logical, but maybe it's just that I don't know them as well as she does.

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Maybe she angry because she thinks the reason no one will marry her is because they're all out with each other. ;-)

the star identifies her as La'Share Sharp. i suspect if you google that name, you'll find more... i don't have the time to really search right now, but i already found this:

another photo of la'share... and do you suspect the "praise sharp" mentioned in the article is her little sister?

and here, here the sharp sisters were in a "novelty group" that won 2nd place at the state fair!

What's funny is you'll notice in the 2005 picture she's standing in front of someone. That person is former bilerico contributor Seth Kreigh who protested at the hate rally as part of the IAN contingent. She's trying to hide his IAN shirt from the TV and news cameras. At least she was nicer than the other guy usually pictured - he had his fist drawn back ready to strike Seth until security intervened.

Jen Jorczak | March 28, 2007 5:07 PM

Wild! I didn't notice that before, but no wonder she's so upset--that someone had the audacity to point out the hatemongering! How dare you!

Novelty group, indeed. Walking through there yesterday was a frightening thing. I got shaming looks from nearly every skirted woman when they noticed my pants. Not only that, but I got stepped on by a kid and her mom gave me a dirty look. I don't mind if you want to have a lot of kids, but at least space them so you can keep an eye on all the little ones at once.

Check out Jeremy Hooper's take on anti-gay protest downtown yesterday. It's pretty funny.

I guess it just goes to show the media will show the most extreme on *both* ends of the spectrum. Really though, I ran into a group of AdvanceAmericaZoids at Circle Center Mall prior to their rally.

They were perfectly frightening in a 50's Ozzie and Harriet or Stepford Wives kind of way. If that is how they want to live their lives, more power to them. I just wish they wouldn't drag the rest of us with them. It's kind of like watching Pleasantville in reverse

Bil, at the SJR7 hearing, sitting to your far left and one or two rows back, was an obviously Stepford wife with three or four kids, one of whom was constantly too noisy, and a baby...all females, no makeup, long skirts...

This Sharp woman was with them for awhile.

The mom-and-baby contingent that day was sent by Eric Miller's crew. Eric had a videographer filimg his testimony, and the videographer panned the audience and focused on the women mentioned above.

It's all just a little creepy.

My favorite is still the 2005 picture with her face all twisted in hate. Nothing shows the love of Jesus like a snarl.

Jen Jorczak | March 29, 2007 9:15 AM

Exactly. The human expression of the infinite compassion of Christ, or the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man? You decide. (see the 3rd pic down here to compare if you don't remember Puffy)

i'm not really interested in La'Shar (i've come to the conclusion this is the proper spelling) or her sisters. they're just confused kids. i'm more interested in who has been recruiting and brainwashing them.

this 2002 journal review article could be informative, but i ain't payin' $5 just to read it.

okay, now we're getting somewhere:

"Sharp is the daughter of Larry and Sharon Sharp. She is a freshman at Indiana Bible College, studying theology and international studies. She plans on moving to a secular university eventually where she will major in politics and criminal justice. After obtaining a bachelor degree, Sharp plans on attending law school. She was valedictorian at Daystar Christian Academy in May of 2005."

get it? larry + sharon = la'shar.

larry sharp is pastor at "united pentacostals" in crawfordsville. sharon, his wife, is "teacher" at the church's school, daystar christian academy. (how many teachers does the school have? the article doesn't say but implies there's just one.)

and if you're looking for irony, check out the lead sentence from this article:

"Community members seeking an all-inclusive church should make their way to United Pentecostals at the corner of Walnut and Pike streets."

so the sharps actually think of themselves as all-inclusive?

photo of larry & sharon here. look familiar? (i imagine one or both of them has been accompanying their daughters to all these protests.)

I thought you might like to see the post StAllio! did on his blog about this topic. :)

I am still laughing at the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man post!