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The madness of Mayor Naugle's supporters

Filed By Pam Spaulding | July 26, 2007 4:19 AM | comments

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Bil blogged yesterday about Matt Foreman's speech at the Flush Naugle rally, but I thought I'd pass on this bit of fun.

Janet Folger, head of Faith2Action, wrote a completely unhinged column at WorldNetDaily in support of the madness of homophobic Mayor Jim Naugle, who wanted to install $250K autocleaning toilets to prevent the nonexistent gay sex that occurs in the public beach restrooms.

The Homosexual Agenda's opposition to Naugle, in her mind, is that the LGBT community and its allies are proponents of nonstop man-on-man sex in beach restrooms. [Oh, nevermind Naugle's decade-long obsession with gays and how he believes they are going to take over the city.]


Mayor Naugle has also come under fire for saying "Rev. D. James Kennedy is a great man." He was right about that, too. And as Dr. Kennedy stood with Anita Bryant when she was railroaded by the homosexual lobby, we stand with Mayor Naugle now.

I thank God for this mayor who is sticking up for children who, after playing a game of soccer, may wander 50 feet into the library to ask the following questions:

Q: "Mommy?" Why is that part of our library closed off?
A: Well, Johnny, Ft. Lauderdale Commissioners Cindi Hutchinson, Charlotte E. Rodstrom, and Carlton B. Moore voted to take out the books that everybody can read and replace them with homosexual pornography. (Call them at 954-828-5004)

Q: Mommy? What's homosexual pornography?
A: It's what you saw in the public restroom earlier.

Q: Mommy? Why are those people so angry at the nice mayor?
A: Because he wants to protect you from all of it.

This kind of insanity was quite viral, because I was paid a visit over at my pad by Active Christian Media, there to hawk its Naugle support videos. Watch and weep.


Left: "Mayor Jim Naugle Under Attack by Homosexual Activists." Right: "Mayor Jim Naugle Awarded Protector of the Family Award."

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