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The warm fuzzies

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I woke up to find this poll in my inbox. I thought it would make a good topic for discussion today...

Gallup Ranks the 2008 Candidates According to a Feeling Thermometer
Using a "feeling thermometer" to evaluate the major Republican and Democratic candidates for president in 2008, a majority of Americans indicate they feel warmly toward Barack Obama; Rudy Giuliani and John Edwards are rated nearly as well. Although she has high warm ratings, Hillary Clinton also has the highest cold ratings, pushing down her average rating among Americans. However, among Democrats she is the most well-regarded, ahead of Obama.

So whattaya think? Who gives you the warm fuzzies? And do you really care if your next President makes you feel like you've drank warm cocoa when you see them on TV? Will this be used to attack Hillary ("She's unelectable! People hate the cold bitch!") or is there some valid point to it that I'm missing? For me, I have to agree that Barack is the candidate that makes me smile and nod my head more from the likeability factor than anything else... But is that enough to promote him to leader of the free world?

(And the most important question, where do you stick the thermometer to measure those warm feelings? Yikes!)

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I find it quite telling that Ron Paul is missing from the list.

Take care


I'd much rather have a competent president than a warm and fuzzy one. It was voters' attraction to George W. Bush as a drinking buddy that is partly to blame for the mess we're in now.

That's exactly what I thought when I read about the poll this morning, Steve. Who cares if the person running makes me feel warm and tingly inside? I'd rather have someone with a brain this time around! Have we really turned our elections into The Wizard of Oz?