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While Alex usually does our "Fun with Google Analytics" posts, I thought I'd put up some of the interesting little tidbits you find out from looking at Bilerico's backend information from Aug 27 - Sept 26. There is so much data collected by the software that there's always something fascinating in the statistics when I go in and poke around. I'll try to highlight info that Alex doesn't usually post.

For example, while we know what states are usually in our top ten, what about cities? What does that map look like? The top US Cities/Metro areas sending us traffic last month were: (Clickety all graphics to embiggen)USCitiesMap.jpg

  1. New York City*
  2. San Francisco**
  3. Indianapolis
  4. Washington DC
  5. Chicago
  6. West Hollywood
  7. Seattle
  8. Baltimore
  9. Eugene
  10. Denver

* Manhattan and Brooklyn combined
** San Francisco and Mountain View combined

Several of you have asked me about how much traffic we get from overseas. Here's the map and top 10 countries sending visitors to the Project. GoogleWorldMap.jpg

  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Australia
  5. France
  6. Germany
  7. New Zealand
  8. Italy
  9. Thailand
  10. Iraq

Here's the top 20 search terms visitors have used to find the Project. Commentor GregC and contributors Jerame Davis and Gina DeVries are popular!

  1. bilerico/bilerico project/the bilerico project
  2. furry porn
  3. sarah palin gay rights
  4. larry king
  5. cissexual
  6. palin gay rights
  7. gregc
  8. sarah palin gay
  9. stylebook
  10. tennessee shootings
  11. sarah palin homophobic
  12. bilerico project planned palin
  13. fact check palin speech
  14. gina devries
  15. "transgender law center"
  16. raymondite
  17. jerame davis
  18. hillary clinton on sarah palin
  19. mcinerney
  20. gay

But some of the strangest ones I noticed?
#822 - do gay guys use condoms? (Isn't that a question we've all asked too?)
#1,627 - "shit on his dick" raped me (Yuck. I don't know what they were looking for, but I doubt our post was it.)
#3,383 - free ipod animal sex (Okay, what!?)
#7,795 - the art of war in non military situations (I'd like to know what post this one went to! I could learn something!)

So what are the top ten posts on Bilerico Project of all time? These are the pages that have had the most views since we re-launched nationally over a year ago. They're an odd mix of pop culture and sex versus politics.

  1. Main page
  2. Thank you for commenting
  3. Big Brother 9 Neil Garcia shows his ass (literally) - Bil Browning
  4. Lindsay Lohan Naked Photo Shoot - Abigail Hannon
  5. When Batman Was Gay - Tyrion Lannister
  6. Wild Animal Sex! - Bil Browning
  7. Big Brother 9 James Zinkand in gay porn movies - Bil Browning
  8. Obama will name Bayh his VP choice on Wednesday - Bil Browning
  9. Open Letter from Barack Obama to the LGBT Community - Guest blogger Barack Obama
  10. Indiana Senator Evan Bayh top pick for Obama's running mate - Bil Browning

What was your favorite post from the past year? How did you find us? Do you live in one of the top countries/cities or are you one of the other dots? Tell us how you've made Bilerico yours...

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Just some off-the-cuff/off-the-wall observations from a crazy canuck!

Interesting smattering of dots! 45 of the 50 states participating in Bilerico! Wonderful. Most of them are not suprises. And I guess some of the western states are not surprises as not participating. Montana, Idaho, North Dakota. It's hard to tell about Wyoming/South Dakota...but the dot seems more on the SD side of the border.

But, then there's poor Alaska. mean Parental Controls in effect, perhaps?

Glad to see Canada as #2 in the Top 10 countries list though. Perhaps, in a future post, you could share some cities dots to see where our voices are coming from out of the Great White North.

John R. Selig | September 28, 2008 3:20 PM

Thanks for the data Bil.

The biggest surprise to me was that Iraq made the top 10!

I wonder if these are Iraqi gays or U.S. military personnel serving in Iraq. Would military personnel show up from a U.S. email account or one located in Iraq?

I think it's mostly American civilians working in Iraq, since I'm guessing we're blocked on military computers.

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | September 28, 2008 3:46 PM

What I am taking away from this post is that if I want to score a spot on the "most popular" list, I should write a post about furry porn, Sarah Palin and Larry King.

Sarah Palin and Larry King having furry sex on camera?

I need soap and a wire brush to scrub my brain.

Ah, but if you want it to stand the test of time, you'd do naked pictures of Barack Obama!

Interesting stats! ... Do the city and country counts represent number of page loads, or the number of unique viewers? Comparing those two counts can give an idea of whether Bilerico has a relative handful of very heavy users, or a whole slew of casual viewers that look at two or three posts and move on. (And I expect you might have different types of viewers in different geographic areas?)

Not a big surprise, I guess, that the dots tend to correspond rather cleanly to major cities, progressive college towns (e.g., Iowa City, IA, and Madison, WI), and to Hoosierdom. Kind of a fun geographic lesson.

Some person or robot does NOT know how the draw the state of Michigan!

Michigan looks kinda funny in that first map

Well..... I'm doin' my bit for Bruceville.

I've always had a soft spot for "When Batman Was Gay" by Tyrion Lannister

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | September 29, 2008 1:24 AM

They morphed the whole of Lake Michigan in there didn't they? Well, I found Bilerico from Thailand and I find it amazing that we beat out Iraq. It must be us expats, because Thai persons often can speak, but not read English. You should see the Thai language keyboard!

Now I would pay to see lesbian action between Ann Coulter and Sara Palin. :) Even with clothes on. The meeting of the beehive and the black party dress.

Mayor Mike Bloomberg | September 29, 2008 7:21 AM

When you note the NYC stats show Manhattan and Brooklyn combined, it raises a question about the other boroughs. How are they listed, and where do they rank?